The moral superiority of white supremacy’s slave descendants

“The British want to reduce us to the level of the raw kaffir (mega n-word), groused Gandhi lugubriously.

“The Democrat Party would see slavery extended even to the point of snaring us fine white people,” Lincoln lamented colorlessly (paraphrased).

A comical amount of the seminal jurisprudence which unlies the lies of mythical black political advancement in the modern slave-state: it is a jurisprudence forged most especially for the interests not of Black’s but rather for various anointed mongrels — usually octoroons, but at least quadroons, and rarely (until recently) mulattos.

Meanwhile, blacks are forced to endure being maniacally made out to be — for better or worse — a cautionary tale, about how not to nigger.

Moreover, the docility masquerading as serenity which proceeds from so many black descendants of White Supremacist’s slavery proceeds directly from the development of defense mechanisms — indeed, survival instincts — in response to the pride and folly of so many limp, light losers; who, when not lynching dissidents, busily lynch politically the potential of culture itself.

And yet another serenity proceeds too from many of those most heroically human black descendants — a real serenity: that of true humility, whereby they watch — with patience and delight but without malice or even condescension — the slow, steady, inevitable implosion of the fair and flaccid farce that is white supremacy — and all it’s brightly, blindingly, corruptly corresponding accoutrements.



Various perspectives on the “duty to rescue”

“It seems that I will never be able to actually help others, as everyone I see trapped — they are trapped in prisons which they created for themselves. And the moment I break the prison bars, then they will, without exception or pause, start to blame me for everything that happens outside the cell. Embrace that passionately, penetrating its vagina with my penis! The only people whom I will help are my spawn, and those who come to me for help in a way that makes clear their true desire to actually be helped!” -Some puerto rican guy.

Winston Churchill AKA the noble lipless vanilla frog

White supremacists: “there exists a duty to rescue!”

“There exists a Duty to Rescue, whereby one must risk injury and death to supplement the poor foresight and bad choices of others!” -Western common law.

White jesus: “A ‘duty to rescue’? Nah, nigga!”

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.” Proverbs 26:27, NIV. “Let the wicked fall into their own nets, [and] pass by in safety.” Psalm 141:10.

“Nah, fuck ’em” -White jesus
Lin Yutang

Lin Yutang: “A ‘duty to rescue’? Nah, nigga!”

“There is a joy in watering a potted flower, and watching one’s neighbor fall off his roof, regardless that taskmasters would mask, by academic jargon, these simple phenomena, as a trick to conceal the weak pleas of desperate beggars for ‘unity’ as a way to stupefy and control.” Lin Yutang, The enjoyment of living: on lying in bed (paraphrased).

russ lindquist
Russ Lindquist

Russ: “A ‘duty to rescue’? Nah, nigger!”

And what if all around you there are countless people falling off roofs, so-to-speak? Is this not paradise? For even the most manic autocrat cannot, with any efficiency, outlaw failures to act: The adjudication of failures to act would be far too costly, since the defense need simply “play dumb,” which is an airtight defense in an autocrat’s dumbed-down culture.


Thus the catharsis of ignoring those whose every act, even every mannerism, is a crying out to be saved from themselves — even as, “If your goal is to save them from themselves, then eventually they will seek someone to save them from you; and you will be the dragon.” Russ Lindquist, Fuck Romance Novels: Let HER die (paraphrased).


Arighting the plight of deadbeat dads’ dim, doomed progeny: a light at the end, with deadbeat moms beaten dead

Sprinkled throughout the cavalcade of slow and steady deaths playing out at the local fastfood hasteaurant, a noncustodial deadbeat hosts his manic, medicated ward’s weekly ritual of youthfully begging blood from a socially circumcised stone.

The sperm-donor, pouring from an empty cup, regales his dim, doomed progeny with tales about the importance of survival tactics — of cheerfully prending a moral foundation for acquiescing to the frantic, sterilized whims of the dickless, boring, child-murdering patriarch-pawn who birthed the bastard: the now-womb-less womyn forever crippled by her credulity and cowardice, whose sense of reality bends by the mandate that her kidnapping and extortion be presented as a matter of “Family Law;” and whose introspection and inner-light wholly pales to those of ordinary murderers, who, besides military mercenaries, never must juggle the cognitive dissonance of having their murders framed as socially useful and morally good.

Father and child again part ways.

Fortunately, only days later, the mother was beaten to death by the most predictable abuser of women: another woman, one who sublimates her penis-envy into an addiction to indulging in homosexuality as a way to feign autonomy from the patriarchy that trapped and trained her into being such a pitiful, helpless wretch.

And so the father and his reunited family, vindicated by the deadbeat mom’s karma of consequences with compounded interest, built a cultural utopia — where women’s responsibilies were to earn men, make babies, cook food, speak when spoken to, shun gossipers, develop worthwhile hobbies, and attend the execution of child-murderers and their enablers.

Secular Progressives, neo-conservatives, and neo-liberals vs theists

Secualar Progressives: “Fundamentally, any and all people can live together, as long as they agree on core issues. Moreover, the content of their agreement matters not at all — as long as they all agree. Thus, the chief goal of goverment should be to force everyone to agree.”

Secular neo-conservatives: “We shall exploit Secular Progressives’ naïveté, to flood society with as many disparate, desperate, mentally and morally weak people as possible, to prevent collective bargaining, resistance to governmental over-reach, and all other forms of seditious cooperation.”

Secular neo-liberals: “We shall leverage Secular Progressives’ naïveté, to inflict the benevolence of perpetual war for the goal of democracy and world peace — based on the moral imperative to terrorize, invade, and murder all who are bad, or who, through their current wrong-thought, might become bad; so that the world contains only good people.”

Theists: “The content of agreements matters.”

All this to avoid a purposeful apology to United States’ slave descendants

modern slavery in academia
Slave-descendents being reminded how important it is to sit still and be talked at by limp lecturers, among bored, boring people, on the modern plantation

“Oh, we’re ‘imploding,’ eh? Well, what about all these powerfully polite, privileged, well-read, miserable women — mentally circumcised by antidepressants, with cotton crammed up their sterilized baby-makers — who know how to fill out some REALLY fancy forms!?” -Higher Education in the United States

Once upon a time, some vain, neurotic sand imagined the ultimate tower of cards: a sanitized, sanctimonious centralized government to pick winners from among losers — to privilege mediocre women, and the most servile eunuchs, in order to channel men, which were the sand’s competition, into military conscription, or at least industrial oblivion.

Among the grandest battles was the one for the territory known as academia.

Colleges as instructively bad business

“Help wanted: Debt and disappointment required!
Can you be our university’s newest
book-smart, brain-dead fool?!
-Mind Faggots

Colleges are businesses. Bad colleges can create, in the strangled student, a good framework for disregarding bad business. When “higher education” is more than disappointing — when it is also disillusioning — the student gains greatly from an important lesson: plenty pedants pugnaciously peddle prestigious, pointless pedantry. A student must learn this lesson, sooner or later, about “the real world.” After all: sweet dreams are made of this.

Colleges as shrill sirens mandating mismanagement

“You need a job to get money, need college to get a job, and need money to go to college” -a ‘joke’ describing the current political landscape.

The answer, in predictable “YOU BUY NOW” Asian slave-speak — is to “make college free.” Of course, setting aside the fantastical hypocrisy of communism — nothing is free. Anything politically pretended to be free is simply something the seller intends to be rationed by a government which the seller hopes to greatly influence, if not wholly control. Thus the actual argument is: “An all-powerful centralized government, which I control, should construct and codify a caste-system which insulates, from financial concerns, those whom I deem to designate as thinkers.”

Project for a new American academic century, sample contract

If admitted to the thinking caste, you hereby to accoutre yourself to no more than the following extents:

  • Sit in rows and fill out forms, to prove you can:
  • Sit in more important rows and fill out more important forms, to prove you can:
  • Either sit in rows with forms of even greater importance, or else begin to teach-torture others in the art of sitting in rows and filling out forms; and all of this so that you are prepared to:
  • Work a job you hate, to buy shit you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like — until you retire (UPDATE: There is not retirement) die.

The 金丝雀 (ching) in the 煤矿 (chong)

“Oh, we’re ‘imploding,’ eh? Well, what about all our suicidal, slave-minded, rote-wrought, unlikable Asians!?” -Higher Education in the United States

Asian students currently dominate the halls of higher education in the United States. More accurately: The halls of higher education in the United States are currently dominated by bored, boring, manic, suicidal Asians, whose super-power is to worry frantically that a B-grade will dishonor all their dead relatives, and get them beaten, yet again, by their awkward, unlikable, dying parents.

Frame by frame,
death by drowning,
in your own analysis. 
Step by step,
thought by numbers…

“Yeah, but can YOU juggle-solve three rubix cubes in under a minute while reciting pi to the 100,000th digit?”

Japan has Aokigahara. All other hyper-“successful” cultures hide similar testaments to the truth of their failed perspectives.

Yet these suicidal, rage-filled, Asian think-bots are the miserable zombies who “set the bar” — in academia and, increasingly, in virtually all industries that matter. This, in a culture which yet pretends to value work-life balance. Nevertheless, these canaries in the coal-mines are dying.

The rise and fall of slave-state supremacists

Slavery is inefficient. For its existence, far too much energy must maintain it, creating countless, constant imaginary symbioses: fake relationships, fake dependencies, and, above all, fake interdependencies.

An eventual history book, however far off in the future, will be written, quite possibly by a Jewish scholar, to tell of a proud, pitiful fizzle in time — when a boring band of atheistic Zionists held hegemony over much of the social and political thought throughout the failed United States of America and its satellite slave-states: “It was a golden age for each and every suicidal Jewish mama’s boys to beg european women to watch him masturbate onto shrubbery (figuratively and actually).”

Similarly, an eventual history will be told of the blip of hipness which Asian-style slavery enjoyed in a distant past. That history will quite possibly be told by some kind of Chinese — probably a Japanese one.

Professors as mere human-scantrons

In an ongoing inflation of academia, Asians and women — with nothing to show for their educational careers beyond paltry parroting of the discoveries of some dead, white guy — became increasingly called upon to “teach.”

Yet since teaching requires wisdom, wit, and leadership, which think-bot Asians and beg-bot women wholly lack. And so corporate pyramid-schemes masquerading as educational endeavors pivoted, distilling professorship into the mental shape of a human-scantron: “make sure they parrot these phrases (fill in the bubble completely); make sure they don’t parrot anything outside of these phrases (fill in the bubble neatly).”

Then, Asians and women began leaping over the new, progressive “leadership” bar easier than a mediocre black person whisked into Harvard Law School.

African slavers, Jewish slave-ships, and European neediness

All this to avoid a purposeful apology to United States’ slave descendants.

Racist resumes


Application 1:

Good afternoon kind genius sirs and ma’ams,
My name is Gavin, and I am applying to the position for which you advertised. A bit about me: my hobbies include sitting still, obeying, and apologizing. I believe nothing is more important than overextending myself for thankless overlords. Please consider me for the position.
Gavin Gavinson III

Application 2: