How They Exterminated Lesser Women in the Time of Hyper-industrialization

One consequence of the capitalist cult of hyper-industrialization was massive misogyny — where no woman was more than the sum of her parts, and the value of those parts depended entirely on the needs of the patriarchal leviathan.

In that living hell, each woman was commodified, then cannibalized — then let to heal just enough to fatten her for the next gnawing. Continue reading

10 steps: How to be U.S. media, with pictures (8/14/2019 Philadelphia Shooting example)

Media reporters are heroic truth-tellers. Following are 10 steps showing how to be U.S. media. The examples come from the active shooter in Philadelphia on 8/14/2019.

Step 1: Report on all the white cops braving danger to secure a building as an active shooter fires on them;

Step 2: Ask your white, liberal editor, “Shouldn’t we report all these cops under gunfire as a good situation — since white people, especially white cops are all racist and evil?”

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RE The Duluth Model of Power and Control (reminder that patriarchs’ feminist pets hate legal equality)

Minnesota is a state filled will self-hating, man-hating feminist losers. The rotten core of Minnesota’s cult of sexism (misandry) is the “Duluth Model” of Domestic Violence, a social theory named after the Minnesota city where it was dreamed up by some angry, man-hating chick.

The Duluth Model, used by federal and state government nationwide, can be understood by a popular “wheel of power and control” associated with the Model, which describes Domestic Violence by 8 categories and their sub-points, quoted exactly as follows, with numbering/lettering added to organize for ease of reading:

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Brief Sample of United States Morality (age of consent sexuality example)

(1) “HEY! You can’t marry a 13-year-old! She has to be at least 14, or you are a child-raping pedophile!” —New York, 2016. (NY Cons. Laws DOM § 15-a).

(2) “HEY! You can’t marry a 14-year-old! She has to be at least 17, or you are a child-raping pedophile!” —New York, 2017. (NY Cons. Laws DOM § 15-a).

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