Times of India: Our country’s newest political hero vows to “hunt down, arrest, convict, and rape” all women who cause a man’s death by a false accusation of rape

Anti-truth feminist mascot declares that it has “nothing to be ashamed of,” while advocating for the death of men falsely accused by women of rape. Interviewed later, the pawn said, “Oh, we were corralled to a demonstration in order to build support for robbing men of due process!? OMG! I thought we were, like, counter-protesting against all the ‘pro-rape’ people!”

NEW DELHI –For decades, the cultural battle cry of women in India poisoned by feminism has been, “I have nothing to be ashamed of!,” as the feminist pawns did more and more things that would make any sane person feel shame. The peak of feminism’s poison came as an epidemic of false rape-accusations against men in India, which caused the execution of countless innocent men. But all of that is about to change, now that a new political super hero has arisen in India — declaring false accusation of rape to be a most serious crime.

“Whenever a woman trivializes the justice system by falsely accusing a man of rape to get attention, vengeance, or forgiveness for her own crimes: this is a capital offence,” warned Rahul Gandhi, president of India’s congress.

Narendra Modi
“This new punishment of death for false accusers of rape has finally come! It almost makes me wish that, at some point, I had been falsely accused of rape — it surely would be satisfying to stand at the center of a town, among all the people, and to put a noose around the neck of a woman who tried to kill a man by her lies!” -Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Three days later, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the new penalties for any woman who falsely accuses a man of rape: “For a woman’s first false accusations of rape, she shall be raped by the man whom she falsely accused; and if she dares to falsely accuse again, then she will be hanged to death in as public a place as possible. We must purge evil from among us.”

The new law states that, in the event of a woman’s second false accusation of rape, both men whom she falsely accused would be involved in her execution: the first man who was falsely accused of rape will “put the noose on the false-accuser’s neck;” and the second man who was falsely accused will “pull the lever to drop the floor beneath the false-accuser, to commence the hanging.”

Senior Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor added to the new law that both men “shall be allowed to taunt and spit upon the condemned, as she writhes her way to a well-earned death.”

Human Rights for men in India gains popular support among India’s petty-bourgeois women

Several notable women of India have come out in support of justice for innocent men whose lives have been threatened, and those lives ruined and taken, by women’s false accusations of rape. A “declaration of social war against women who falsely accuse men of rape,” written by Gandhi’s step-daughter, Kaffir McKaffirton, was declared “an immensely important step towards human rights for men in India,” in a joint statement signed by over nine-thousand female thought-leaders in India, including Arundhati Roy, Jhumpa Lahiri, Sudha Murthy, Anita Desai, Shashi Deshpande, Kiran Desai, Indira Goswami, B.M. Suhara, Mahasweta Devi, and Janaki Shrinivas Murthy.

Malala Yousafzai
“Malala Yousafzai had a change of heart — unfortunately, it did not come with a change of face! I definitely would NEVER have invited any of my elite left-wing clients to molest Malala Yousafzai on my pedophile island!” -Jeffrey Epstein, the Jewish Don Juan of child-sex trafficking.

Human Rights for men in India gains international support

Malala “dumpy puppet” Yousafzai, the barely-tolerable face of modern patriarchy’s reverse-psychology to control men by pretending to respect women’s foolish and false causes, praised the decision to bring equality to India: “I was taught to be a pathetic, vulva-centric chauvinist, whose only concern is establishing women as objects of pity bordering on contempt, in order to beg men more effectively for crumbs of misplaced concern — but then I realized that if rape is a crime worthy of death, then false accusation of rape is a crime worthy of rape; and that a pattern of false accusations by a woman is certainly worthy of death — as justice for her manifest attempts to cause the death of innocent men.”

IN RELATED NEWS: “Malala Yousafzai had a change of heart — unfortunately, it did not come with a change of face! I definitely would have NEVER invited any of my elite left-wing clients to molest Malala Yousafzai on my pedophile island!” -Jeffrey Epstein, the FBI-protected Jewish Don Juan of child-sex trafficking.

One group in India celebrated more than all others at the news of India’s government declaring that, from now on, false accusers of rape will be raped and killed: The families of countless men murdered by the State when it acted on women’s lies.

A petition was created on Change.org to “hang all women who falsely accuse men of rape.”

NO MERCY! Capture, convict, and HANG ALL women who falsely accuse a man of rape!
NO MERCY! Capture, convict, and HANG ALL women who falsely accuse a man of rape!

Radical anti-choice, pro-abortion advocates

The ultimate limit to choices is death.

Thus the ultimate limiter of choices is an active pro-death policy.

In a culture which has normalized and codified kid-killing, there is no morality — only, at most, various hypocritical, utilitarian pretenses of morality.

At the end of it’s life, such false cultures will desperately craft attempts to invert language — their collective brain dying, they forget that it was only their own farce, and begin to believe their own lie: that everything is, only and always, whatever the culture pretends the thing to be; or at least that faith in such fraud can buy time for the doomed, self-aborted culture.

Thus, a life-hating, anti-choice death-cult called itself “pro-choice.”

Then it died.

Lesson to blacks about white moral-superiority

Everyone knows a great way to save USA’s black people from their own folly and frailty. Two examples are Jesse Lee Peterson and Gavin McInnes.

Peterson insists that for black people to rise to the heights of white righteousness — blacks need only let go of their anger, and go from rage to responsibility.

Venerable vanilla political-eunuch McInnes explained to sassy, hypertensive homo blacktivist Gazi Kodzo: “Whites are just, like, better at systems.”

One way or another — whether ceasing anger; or being better at, like, systems; or otherwise — blacks have a lot of work ahead of them to cross the huge divide which separates them from white superiority. Yet the most fundamental failing of blacks, as Peterson often reminds, is the moral failing of blacks. Thus, the greatest lessons which whites can teach blacks will be moral lessons. And the most fundamental moral lesson is acceptance of personal responsibility.

Black mediocrity

Anytime a socially-tortured black falls short of white rightness, the white death-cult understandably casts aspersions on black people generally — asking why the masses of violent, lazy, corrupt blacks don’t navigate more effectively the pale, sickly, hypocritical gauntlets of the white death-cult. Invariably, the violent, lazy, corrupt black majority just makes excuses for black criminality — because they are sub-human animals, too stupid to think white. Therefore, the white-death cult and its pale and sickly legacy of slavery and terrorism against blacks is completely justifiable.

White superiority

In contrast to black moral mediocrity, whites have always set impressive examples of racial superiority, especially in matters of morality. For example: during the time of USA’s Founding Fathers, many of the most manly, moral white men would congregate in Delaware to fuck 7-year-old nigger children — 7 being the age of consent in the State[1] and niggers being property.

Yet throughout the years of fucking 7-year-old nigger children in Delaware, two accidents often happened:

(1) In hopes of better whips and chains, sometimes evil slave-parents would sneak their 5-year-old into the Founding Fathers’ orgy, and then one or more of the Founders would, mistaking the child for 7, fuck the 5-year-old slave-child vigorously and cum in it.

(2) Sometimes mistaking a freed 7-year-old mulatto for an enslaved 7-year-old nigger, the nobly white Founding Fathers would fuck the freed mulatto, despite gloriously white rules against that particular kind of kid-fucking.

However, despite these two common mistakes, the white moral-superiority of the Founding Fathers shone through by their response to the mistakes. The heroic whites did not complain or grumble or cry[2] — they took white responsibility:

  1. If a Founding Father accidentally rage-fucked a 5-year-old slave child that he mistook to be a 7-year-old slave child, then the Founder politely apologized for the misunderstanding, and shook the hand of the bloody, unconscious 5-year-old slave; often the Founder would even pay for the stitches needed to sew up the mutilated slave-hole.
  2. If a Founding Father accidentally tore up some non-slave mulatto kid-twat, then the Founder magnanimously apologized, and, if the kid-pussy was particularly good, then the Founder often offered to take the child as a permanent cum-dumpster concubine!


Those two examples are among countless, where whites have led the way in morality, by leading the way in accepting personal responsibility. These social habits, along with “superior systems” as McInnes mentions, are why whites dominate in the world. It has nothing to do with the mythology which blacktivist Kodzo hatefully spews about whites “plundering the world” and “terrorizing indigenous populations” and “mobilizing massive mind-control to pit people against each other.”

We do not see any of that. Constantly. It is all just the paranoia of morally inferior black people.

End notes

1. The age-of-consent in Delaware, during the time of the Founding Fathers, was seven. Powell (1896), Papers and Addresses (of the First National Purity Congress, 1895), page 5.

2. In 2011, a condescending, Harvard-trained millionaire mulatto, after being raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii, demanded that black people “march with [him],” in support of his second bid to be an anti-black figurehead to distract from, and amplify, Zionist terrorism throughout the world.

Sparkle and fade of physically flexible, mentally locked, neurotic narcissistInc misandrists


This is me.
I’ve always felt like I don’t fit into this body, I’ve been mean to myself, unkind.
To me my body was always too much something: too soft, too feminine, too wide.
I’m not naturally muscled or toned, I’ve wide hips, tiny waist and enough boobs. I certainly do not have a thigh gap.
I’ve always felt like I wanted to shrink, to somehow disappear, I’ve never felt comfortable in this body.
. F*** THAT
I’ve never cared about how I might look to the eyes of a guy (luckily enough), but sad story… I’ve always felt the pressure of how other girls might look at me, what they could think about me, my body. That felt scary. Crazy right?
I think this is important, we as women should support each other, inspire each other, and bring out of each other’s the goddesses that are within us! Never ignite other women’s insecurities.
We are all meant to love ourselves, to love and to be loved.
I see you and love you! ❤️
#lovewins #lovefirst #selflove
P.s. this is taking everything out of me to post 😂 .


-2018 words of a popular pseudo-yogi on instagram, one of countless rudderless female beggars there and beyond; who, even as they fade, still insist on misunderstanding that their obsession with obeying the political, unnatural, anti-family, anti-life mandate of unconcern towards men — this necessarily necessitates, and continually causes, the very vulva-centric masochism which these womb-less womyn hope to undo — by digging themselves ever deeper into a pit of (patriarch-prized) miserable misandrist matriarchy.

10 cool slavery quotes

1. “If Africans had not been enslaving other Africans, then the Trans-Atlantic slave trade never would have happened” -Reality

2. “If Africans were not technologically retarded, then they would not have needed to trade their African slaves for da arabs’ korans and da white man’s guns — and then the Trans-Atlantic slave trade never would have happened” -Reality

3. “Sure, Africans enslaved other Africans — but it was a kinder, gentler form of slavery that was not based on race” -Political retards

4. “Sure, Africans castrated their African slaves — but it was a kinder, gentler form of castration that was not based on race” -Political retards, if they were forced to deal with the reality of ape-on-ape slavery


6. “If you think you holding weight, then you haven’t met the apes” -DMX, Ruff Ryders Anthem, referring to his entourage of apish black gentle-giant gentlemen, who are getting their lives back together.

7. “We enjoy racializing USA’s slavery, even as thousands of blacks own slaves in the USA; because that was a kinder, gentler form of slavery…and blacks only owned other blacks in the USA to set them free” -Political retards

8. “A higher percentage (though still low) of blacks in the USA are descended from black slave owners than there are whites descended from white slave owners, but we will simply ignore, and outlaw the mention of, any aspects of reality that are not politically useful” -Political retards

9. “If Jews had not been so massively involved in the administration of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, then cowardly Jews with a strangle-hold on modern media and culture would not have to frantically downplay, and outlaw the mere mention of, Jews’ massive involvement in the administration of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade” -Reality

10. “Anyone who says any of the preceding is a racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, antisemitic, ugly, skinny, white faggot, who thinks he’s smart, and obviously doesn’t know shit” -Intelligent, informed, involved individualists with good priorities, who have a lot going for them in life, and whose political perspective is firmly rooted in their singular devotion to a tireless courage and humility aimed at truth.

Kittens vs Cursing, in an era of angry white skygods

Once upon a time, a child was raised in a Saintly way; and so, by a very early age, knew perfectly — knew it as well as anything else — that everywhere lurked a very white God, who’s perfect white anger glowed deathly white-hot, whenever anyone said “asshole” or “shit” or “fuck”; so the child would sooner die than say such things.

Then, the family cat made six kittens.

One day, while religiously avoiding curse words, the child became annoyed by the constant meowing of the six new kittens out in the garage.

With a spiritual knowledge about cursing but no such knowledge about kittens, the child did what seemed most reasonable in order to stop the annoying kittens: put them in a backpack, zip it up, and keep them there until the kittens learned their lesson — and stopped crying for no reason.

Impossibly, the child’s lesson only made the kittens more defiant — and they cried louder and louder, in the dark.

The child left the garage.

The child went to church.

The child returned from church.

The child went into the garage.

Finally! The kittens had learned their lesson, and they were, at last, silent.

Latter Day lessons against curse words conveyed nothing about living creatures’ need for oxygen, nor that such creatures, upon dying, often evacuate their bowels. And so the child was stumped when he opened the backpack only to find six wet, sleeping kittens — that stunk terribly, and would not wake up. After several minutes of wondering blankly, he opened the trash can, removed some trash, poured the kittens from the pack to the can, covered them in trash, closed the lid; never spoke of it to anyone; and continued fearing an angry white God who punishes swearing.

After several eternities, filled with so many other such stories — and the almost-constant suicidality which they tended to tender — the child miraculously lived long enough to reject, as casually as a breath, assholes with shit priorities who spoke of fucked up white skygods.

Political Rapists, and the Judeo-Christian foundation of their morality

“Cum in your brother’s wife, or I’m going to kill you” -the god of Christians and Jews (Genesis 38:8-10).

“If a woman cheats on her husband, who forced her into marriage by raping her — then kill her” -the god of Christians and Jews (Deuteronomy 22:20-29).

“As a young teen girl, you may be ready for sex and the creation of a family according to nature and reality; but we, your patriarchal & matriarchal betters, say that you are not ready at all to make decisions about your life — not about your body, and certainly not about your fertility. Therefore, we have caged the male whom you chose as a reproductive partner, and he will be tortured and killed by the crocodile pit that we keep in our prisons. And now you have a socio-moral obligation to kill your child in your womb. If you fail in your obligation, then we will socially torture you; and then both you and your child will wither and die. We must purge evil from among us.”

-Modern political rapists in the USA and beyond: proceeding from their Judeo-Christian Foundation of morality.