The Hypocrisy of Double-standards as a Tool for Slave-juggling

Imagine the response, if I were to tell 100 average U.S. citizens: “I would hope that a wise European man, with the richness of his experiences, would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a brown female who hasn’t lived that life.” Continue reading

4 Easy Steps to Permanently End Crime

Earlier this week, researchers from the Center for Millennial Science made the greatest discovery in the history of society: they have determined how crime happens. The researchers discovered that every single crimes has been committed by someone who is either:

(1) the child of a single-mother;
(2) socioeconomically disadvantaged;
(3) male or female;
(4) born within the last century.

Based on their revolutionary data, the researchers say that ending crime would be a simple four-step process—one step for each cause of crime:

(1) end single-motherhood—by enforcing sexual abstinence until marriage, forcing marriage upon pregnancy, and immediately jailing anyone who celebrates the notion of single-motherhood;
(2) end socioeconomic disadvantage—by forbidding citizens from indulging in nonsense that squanders their time and renders them economically useless to everyone around them;
(3) end gender—by discontinuing the social labels that cause people to act “male or “female”;
(4) end birth for the next century: people cannot commit crime, if they’re not born.

The millennial researchers say that their crime-ending solutions would coincide perfectly with the Green New Deal, which calls for the dismantling and destruction of everything that causes problems. “And the key,” say the millennial social-scientists, “is to declare any and all dissent to be anti-science, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, pedophile-phobic, coprophilia-phobic hate-thought.”

Purposeful Thought as Pain for Those Who Reject Rhythm

Without rhythm, there is no circulation; and without circulation, energy is only pain.

Purposeful thought requires—and provides—a lot of energy. Without rhythm and circulation—purposeful thought is only pain.

Instead of reestablishing rhythm, to restart circulation—in order to avoid pain, many people simply avoid thought.

To monetize that avoidance, plenty satanic scavengers sell anti-thought goods and services to those who have learned to reflexively hate thought.

And that collection of people we call “society” band together—and figure out ways to survive despite their personal and communal addiction to avoiding purposeful thought. Continue reading

Fantasies for Anti-white Failures: 40 Acres, a Mule—and $1,000 dollars a month

In 1864, the Union army terrorized Confederate citizens—white and black—with a “scorched earth policy” of total destruction. To deal with the refugees created by that terrorism, General Sherman made Special Field Orders, No. 15, which included settling refugees into 40-acre plots. No mule was mentioned, and military orders in time of war are neither laws nor contracts. Regardless, Special Field Orders, No. 15 is the basis of the fantasy that the U.S. government promised black people “40 acres and a mule.” To say the least: the civil war did not “free the slaves”—and the thousands of black slave-owners in 1865 did not need “40 acres and a mule.”

Among half-informed modern slaves, the “40 acres and a mule” myth lives on—a supposed broken promise to black Americans. Small, frail, racist criminal Spike Lee even named his masturbatory racist propaganda company “40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks.” The purpose of the myth is to create ignorant, unintelligent, anti-white racists. The myth is very effective.

One hundred years from now, it is almost certain that bands of ignorant, unintelligent, anti-white racist slaves—will remember the promise of some obscure, failed presidential candidate: “$1,000 a month to buy all the crack, guns, and abortions you want!” And the myth will conveniently omit that Andrew Yang—like General Sherman—was misquoted, and in any case had no authority to “promise” anything to anyone.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Racial Things: James Byrd, Jr. vs Matthew Shepard

BLACK PEOPLE in 2008: It should be a hate-crime for three white-supremacists to drag a black man to death behind their truck. Justice for James Byrd, Jr.!

WHITE PEOPLE in 2008: It should be a hate-crime for a white homosexual AIDS-infected drug-dealer to get murdered during a conflict with one of the supposedly-homophobic guys that he regularly fucked! Justice for Matthew Shepard!

CONGRESS in 2009, alongside the first black president with a white mom: Ok, we will compromise and unify the races—and pass the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act.

WHITE PEOPLE: Sounds good!



Bougie MLK in da Champagne Room

Martin Luther King and his right-hand man, Ralph David Abernathy—as described in Abernathy’s autobiography, “And the Wall Came Tumbling Down”:

“Money was always a problem, of course, because the SCLC was run on the generosity of thousands of people, black and white, who believed in our cause and from time to time would heed our call for help and send in contributions. Also, Martin spent a good deal of his time making appearances throughout the country, speaking before groups, soliciting contributions. We used the money for many things—transportation, literature, legal fees, fines, and for the posting of bonds in case of arrests. But most of it went for staff. At this point, Martin and I were still receiving no salary.” —Page 236, talking about his and MLK’s tireless, gracious fight to win equality for blacks.

From the same book, a few pages later:

“We drove in silence to the Gaston Motel. . . . owned by A.G. Gaston, one of Alabama’s few black millionaires. . . . The Gaston was Birmingham’s only acceptable black inn, the place where black business and professional people stayed where n they visited the city. It was not luxurious, but it was as well decorated as most of the white motels and hotels. We were given the best suite in the motel. . . .[and] [i]t was in that sitting room that most of the strategy was hatched during the campaign.” —Pages 239-40, talking about the important of spending contributions to stay in “Birmingham’s only acceptable black inn”—in order to avoid all the lowly black peasants for whom Abernathy and MLK were the bougie saviors.