How to be a heroic victim, De’Von Bailey edition

(1) Be a black guy;
(2) Rob another black guy at gun-point;
(3) Get approached by the cops;
(4) Get told that someone who fits your description reportedly assaulted someone with a gun, and that the officer is going to search you for weapons before proceeding with a lawful detainment and questioning based on reasonable suspicion;
(5) Run from the cops;
(6) Get shot;
(7) Have a gun;
(8) Have a bunch of racis craKKKas of the grand jury consider all the evidence—and not file charges;
(9) Have the racis craKKKa grand jury meet secretly—because snitches get stitches…and bullet holes;
(10) Have your family’s white lady lawyer remind das racis;
(11) Have a lot of selectively-outraged puppets out “protesting gun violence and police brutality”;
(12) Look up from hell and frown when the black guy you assaulted with a gun—doesn’t even show up at the protests to show racial solidarity for your victimhood;
(13) Watch everyone pretend not to realize that the robbery victim positively ID’d De’Von Bailey as the robber—or else “police stopped the wrong guy” would be the top story of every news outlet in the nation;
(14) Watch everyone generally ignore all the innocent black (white, etc.) people who are robbed at gunpoint by urban warlords and scavengers;
(15) Pretend not to be a part of an imploding subculture of cowards and frauds who are to weak to be honest.

RE Trump is the problem, Jefferson was the problem, and LA leftists are the solution

“Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [black slaves in the American colonies] are to be free.”
—Semi-quotation of sanitized, pro-black Thomas Jefferson, carved into the wall of Washington D.C.’s Jefferson Memorial, while USA’s slave-class men were being forced into WW2 based on lies, for the benefit of USA’s oligarchs and Zionists.
“Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [black slaves in the American colonies] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races [black and white], equally free, cannot live in the same government. . . . It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably . . . and their [the slaves’] place be [one-by-one] filled up by free white laborers.”
—Thomas Jefferson, Autobiography.
On a related note:
Los Angeles county has:
(A) 10.1 million people;
(B) 268,000 millionaires;
(C) 58,000 homeless people;
(D) a whole lot of slave-labor (including an estimated one million illegals) to provide day-to-day help for the 268,000 millionaires in LA—especially by imploding the value of labor among LA’s poorest citizens.
And here liberals thought LA is just “progressive,” and conservatives thought LA is just a well-meant conspiracy of human-trafficking for leftists to get voting-mules. Nope. Well, yeah. But LA is also an epicenter of modern slavery.
But don’t get me wrong: Trump is the problem; democrats in LA and beyond are the solution; and Jefferson was racist—because he didn’t believe that ruling elites’ enslaved Africans had a right to infest, terrorize, and supplant the lower-class white communities.
Oh, and Martin Luther King jr. was the invented name of Michael King—a puppet and plagiarist who beat black women, including the prostitute with whom he cheated against his wife on the night before karma lynched him.

Lousy Rousey and the WNBA: Modern female athletes as embarrassing, mediocre hypocrites

Ronda Rousey sucks at fighting. Everyone knows this. We know it because Ronda Rousey lost a fair fight to a girl—then became suicidal about it.

No one in the world would be the fan of a male fighter who loses fights to women. (And the only job that fighter would have would be to lose fights against women to the delight of man-hating losers.)

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The White Castle

Once upon a time, there was a huge white castle on a remote island in the middle of the new world.

Few could access the island, because almost no one knew how to navigate the oceans surrounding the island where sat the white castle.

A council of kings, all very tall, ruled the white castle. Deep inside the castle, in several windowless rooms, the short people spent their lives building monuments for the tall.

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Rapist vs Hero vs Murderer (Jared Fogle, Chris Kyle, Eddie Ray Routh)


Rapist. Jared Fogle had consensual sex with a 17-year-old New York prostitute. Fogle is an evil rapist. He will live in a prison cage for the next decade.

Hero. Chris Kyle heroically obeyed lies that led USA to terrorism against Iraq. Kyle killed over 150 Iraqis—including innocent men and children. Kyle, a best-selling author and national treasure, was later murdered.

Murderer. Eddie Ray Routh may or may not have heroically killed Iraqis while part of USA’s terrorism in Iraq. Routh did kill Chris Kyle. The holes to which heroic Chris Kyle was married said in court she will never forgive the insane murderer who wrongfully killed her brave Iraqi-slaughtering husband. Routh will spend the rest of his life in prison. And the name of the Texas city where Routh is caged: Palestine.