‘Snitching’ as a war-crime in USA’s black culture; myths of white devils and negropeans

White devils, with no rhythm and no soul, exert tyrannical control over black slave-descendents whenever able. Because of white devils’ addiction to exploitation, the black code is to minimize, as much as possible, interactions with white devils — especially cops (even oreo cops since, in the end, they are just a long-arm of white devils’ […]

Her hypergamy privilege

“If only they could see me now!,” she thought proudly, remembring no one in particular from the orphanage, as she lowered her small, pale, trembling body onto the lumpy, purple dickhead of one of the most famous athletes in the world. She couldn’t stop her tears of joy. “Mufucka!,” the rich famous athlete thought to […]

Sometimes slovenly mudsharks spawn slavery-advocating mulatto mascots, e.g. Nike’s Colin Kaepernick

“Studies indicate that the only black men who overestimate the socio-sexual value of manifestly mediocre white women — are black men with an inferiority-complex” -science. Despite science, mudsharks typically tend to pretend bragging rights for being dumb enough to succumb to the frantic, spreadshot desperation of black men who are too weak to earn the […]