Devolution back into homosexual exceptions: Racist, sexist, mediocre Harvard charity-case Kim Rivera demands less men and less sexual normalcy at Hewlett Packard

In 2017, two over-trained, under-worked liabilities—Debra Cassens Weiss[1] and Liane Jackson[2]—crammed cotton up their front holes[3] and set to work writing their gossip columns for the American Bar Association, to laud the anti-white, anti-normal, sexist, heterophobe Kim Rivera—Hewlett Packard’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel. Continue reading

Salting the salt of the earth in Tijuana

Throughout Tijuana’s dingy and depraved, late-night-business district, music blared, police extorted bribes, prostitutes received money in exchange for others’ sex and self-respect, and scores of American teens took full advantage of Mexico’s liberal alcohol policies.

But down the street, the homeless shelter was closed. So he turned the corner from the shelter and just sat down next to a little old homeless lady, and he quickly fell asleep.

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Not-so-breaking News: Another doomed call for concern about slavery in Africa—to frauds who religiously celebrate the Nike Plantation

A few years back, Barbara Jones reported[1] for Daily Mail that the white-trash/black-trash bourgeois lust for an electric car funds child-slavery in the cobalt mines of Africa.

So What. In case you just joined us: Plenty will not worry at all about (ongoing) slavery in the Congo, the poorest nation in the world. This is obvious, given that plenty already happily and knowingly benefit from slavery throughout the world. Otherwise, they would boycott the slave-trades of, for example, diamond merchants and the Nike plantation*

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Heart-Seller Act: Luring and leashing credulous social-cannibals…

Heart-Seller Act: Luring and leashing credulous social-cannibals to extend the hegemony of USA’s oligarchs by imploding their restless serfs’ due process, fair trade, and freedom of conscience (SFTU 2710)

Terrorism cannot birth prosperity but only a transitory mirage, where the terrorists gather to celebrate honor among theives and—finding none—join packs to enjoin pacts of social-cannibalism, as they respectively and collectively commit mass-suicide, at least socially.

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Diversity in Yale’s Harem

In the 60’s, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys imagined a surf city with “two girls for every boy.” Wilson was an oversexed, misogynist pervert.

In 2016, Yale University proudly published its goal of “Promoting Diversity and Equal Opportunity.”

Of the 42 people featured in Yale’s socialist sermon, 10 are men.

Yale University: Where “diversity and inclusion” means gilded man-children sanctimoniously surrounding themselves with 3 girls for every boy.

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Hollywood’s Government Declares She Must Reward His Cheating

The nation of Hollywood is run by violent, suicidal, woman-hating, atheistic rectum-addicts, who masquerade as bisexual, while culturally appropriating Jewishness from the religious—whom the addicts hate. The atheists also hate women—for many reasons, including because they hate family.

According to the Hollywood government, a woman must reward her man’s cheating—as long as he is a rectum-addict. At least two major Hollywood scriptures present this theme: Brokeback Mountain and Bohemian Rhapsody.

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