Rage Against Sense

“There is no absolute truth!” — was their absolute truth.

Vain delusion branded as “aperspectival madness” and “postmodernism,” among other copyrighted slogans scrawled onto a reinvented wheel.

Fear — masked to self as solipsism, to others as narcissism — paraded as courage.

Anxiety — masked to self as pity, to others as compassion — paraded as patience.

Dissipates and is reclaimed from each liar in prophets’ attire.


Myth of Big-dick Energy and Little-dick Energy vs Truth of Lazy-pussy Energy

In a never-ending social-maze of self-deception, many weak and worthless women, drunken on self-hate and penis-envy, have convinced themselves of yet another silly, womansplained, man-mangling cultural myth: “little-dick energy vs big-dick energy,” i.e. the idea that you can determine a guy’s size by the way he behaves in places where nudity is a serious crime.

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Wikipedia as a Scholarly Source (recent note to one of my professors)

Hi Professor [name],

A questions on quiz one concerned scholarly citation. The correct answer allowed for “even blogs with proper citation” (paraphrasing) but not citation to Wikipedia. I got the question right, because I’m plenty aware of the overall animus against Wikipedia by academic gatekeepers. However, given the permitting of “blogs with proper citation,” I wanted to mention what you may already know: when it’s not, it’s not — but Wikipedia is consistently an awesome gateway to primary sources and solid secondary sources.

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The Suffocating Lie

Teach her to hate, and she will hate her Father. Hating her Father, she will hate herself. Hating herself, she will hate solitude. Hating solitude, she will, by the right torture, rush into your synagogue of satan.

There, she will beg you for purpose, for the will to live, from which you saved her:

Gnaw off her limbs, she will thank you tearfully; gouge out her eyes, she will laugh cheerfully; sew closed her mouth, she will squirm her loyalty; bound in the suffocating lie, she will die gratefully.

#BelieveAllGovernments (Legacy of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland)

As any good goy knows: we have nothing to fear but fear itself. So as Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland screamed in agony while being mutilated and beheaded: they were releasing a fierce and empowered battle-cry, representing the divine feminine very well, as they returned to mother earth.

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