4 Easy Steps to More Love in a Society that Hates Blackness


4 Easy Steps to More Love in a Society that Hates Blackness

1. Hide your smile behind unblackened lips.
2. Hide your face behind cosmetics and lighting.
3. Wear only dark horse-hair, so your skin looks lighter in comparison.
4. Teach black children, by example, to hate how they look.

Content is Still King, Despite Gen-Z

Nature tells us that “content is king.” Countless effeminate Gen-Z man-child narcissists endlessly dress-up limitless ways to say “content is not king—it is only a slave to marketing, which is a slave to optics, which is a slave to whatever moment-to-moment antics get attention.” Then the narcissists live a slow death of frantic clinging and swinging for attention from losers with bad priorities.

In their race to the bottom, dueling factions of man-children—alongside their sterilized, cotton-crammed, child-fearing, penis-envying, man-hating marionettes—fight over a trough of itching ears (2 Timothy 4). If anti-Jewish Zionists’ satanic media told these man-children to defecate on the ground, call it art, fence it off, then battle in courts-of-public-opinion over their “intellectual property”—that would be the hill-to-die-on for those of Gen-Z who accept being the last vestige of their ancestors’ cowardly, credulous, death-directed self-worship. And as each of those social-cannibals glamorously implodes—the content of the meek inherits the earth (Matthew 5:5).

USA’s Puppet-President, hoping to Secure Re-election, Murders a Person, and Terrorizes Iran

Worldwide headline for January 3rd, 2020: “US kills top Iranian general in air strike.”

100 years ago, the U.S. government was jailing people who dissented against the first world war.[1] Today, after murdering an Iranian military leader as part of USA’s ongoing, worldwide terrorism, U.S. Zionist-puppet President Donald Trump churlishly announced, to his national audience of cowards and maniacs, that the the Iranian man “should have been taken out a long time ago.”[2] Continue reading

3 Super Hot Dating Tips from Real Chick-Magnets

Three Super Hot Dating Tips from Real Chick-Magnets_600w

1. “Just be yourself! Women can’t resist a nice smile from a billionaire. All you gotta do is pay her millions to spend time with you—eventually she will realize that she loves you!”
—J. Howard Marshall, billionaire

2. “The ladies like bold, hung models! So just send her a nude selfie, with your 6-pack and 10-inches. You’ll be swapping STDs in no time!”
—Hector Jimenez-Diaz-Garcia-Rodrigues-Hidalgo-Sanchez, well-hung homosexual model

3. “I’ve always been really shy around chicks. But then I happened upon a strategy that really seems to work: Just raid her village and kill all the males. Once a woman sees you are confident enough to kill everyone in your path—then she’ll definitely date you!”
—Ghengis Khan, antisemite

Self-slavery Among Anti-Hitler Fanatics

Once upon a time,

WW2’s Allied Forces dropped nuclear bombs on Japanese children.

Then, at Nuremberg for the most laughable kangaroo-court in world history, the Allied Forces accused Germans of “wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.”

You could make this stuff up, but thanks to an assortment of dead and dying hypocrites who are vanishing into a dead past—you don’t have to. Meanwhile, the modern beneficiaries of that Allied terrorism—and its ongoing iterations—carve from only their own festering carcasses, the endless excuses to continue their Satanic social-cannibalism.

In case anyone wondered why the terrorists deserve themselves and their harrowing establishments. And none of their descendants will have peace—until the reality of William Sterling Parsons overshadows the myths of Adolf Hitler.