Patriarchy, feminism, & MGTOW in one GIF

Within patriarchy’s worldwide harem, each sterilized sexual-outlet knew that she could demandingly beg men for privilege whenever she wanted: a privilege to vote men into war; a privilege to murder men’s children in the womb; a privilege to beg men to track down and cage any sperm-donor who refused to pay her for the children […]

Powerful femininity vs pitiful feminism

*a note to Devin O’Neil and those similarly situated: to every self-deceiving, female-anesthetized man who exalts the women in his life to the status of his ‘leader’. The myriad modern feminist suicide anthems — of Sia, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, every she-rapper, etc. — powerfully remind that feminism is simply a vain delusion which […]

After corporatist myths implode

They themselves were wholly without discipline, so they could never discipline their progeny — only, at most, corral them. Thus, the ever-rushed kept their kids’ eyes “glued to TV,” and eventually kept their necks locked to all matter of other screens. In the early stages, pallid parents pretended a degree of dissent: “Get up and […]

RE “Candace Owens destroys WHITE PRIVILEGE”

  Meanwhile, the biggest advantage that a “billionaire” has over someone who grows up in “the projects in Chicago” is not having to deal with the half-informed, ultra-proud black pets of democrats. But, as evidenced by the Candace Parkers of the world, republicans love to leverage half-informed, ultra-proud black pets too. Candace Owens is simply […]

Social-circumcision of women’s nature (abnormality of bickering, bartering bitches)

Humans are born with the ability to differentiate a vast spectrum of sounds. Gradually the ability is circumcised to those sounds necessary for the given human to function linguistically within its society. Similarly, humans possess a wide spectrum of ability for a variety interactions. Yet not all interactions are within the range of their optimal […]