Bug-chasing editor & bourgeois white bitch at People Magazine remind that there are no decent black people in the United States

BREAKING NEWS: Degenerate man-child nigger Lamar Odom leaves da club with a couple pieces of sloppy trash
Palo Alto Princess: Fat-armed vanilla gargoyle Aili Nahas ages in dog years, as she open-mindedly features degenerate niggers for her faggot boss at People Magazine. Meanwhile, the pampered, protected, pallid presstitute has a husband and child — as she muses over the silly habits of lowly faggots and niggers.

Fugly vanilla gargoyle Aili Nahas of People Magazine (PM) knows the importance of helping her shit-eating handlers to normalize the extermination of black Americans by infesting public attention with the most degenerate black people they can find.

Until two months ago, Nahas’ boss at PM was vanilla faggot Jess Cagle. Now, her boss is vanilla faggot Dan Wakeford. And if there is one thing that vanilla faggots know — it is how to hate black families. For this reason, PM is full of stories useful for the ongoing goal of exterminating black people — all about how it is normal and natural for black women to be tedious bitches, and for black men to be self-indulgent, race-mixing man-children.

Former People Magazine editor Faggot Jess Cagle (left) and his rent-a-butthole “husband” Matt Whitney
People Magazine Editor faggot Dan Wakeford (left) and his rent-a-butthole “husband” Lucas Baker

And so when the vanilla gargoyle told that vanilla faggot that she wanted to feature a sex-crazed, coke-addicted nigger — the faggot “was all gift-giver,” as the faggots say. So Wakeford finished sucking his shit off the dick of his “husband,” and approved Aili Nahas’s story about degenerate nigger Lamar Odom: Lamar Odom Reveals He’s Had Sex with Over 2,000 Women: ‘I Had a Problem’

Alternative titles for the gargoyle’s rehashed story:

  • “Khloe Kardashian’s Ex Lamar Odom: I’ve Had Sex with Over 2,000 Women”
  • “Lamar Odom Opens Up About Lasting Effects from the Overdose That Nearly Killed Him”

According to the racist white devil and her faggot boss: “We searched everywhere in the nation for a newsworthy nigger — and all we could find was coke-head loser Lamar Odom.”

China’s gender-life-gap: Mass-murder is the inevitable consequence of Feminism as a conspiracy of hypocrisy and insensitivity

Conditioning women into believing foolish feminist conspiracies — to teach women insensitivity against men — is simply to condition women into welcoming the neutralizing of women’s own protection. And the majestic balance of the created universe causes that only women worthy of destruction would thus neutralize their own protection.

The following prescribes nothing — it only describes the strategically earned destruction of feminist women and the feminine men who tolerate and enable hate-filled feminists.

Two-tiered tears: Feminism as the desensitizing of (and about) women

The fact that feminism is a man-hating, man-harming conspiracy is obvious — and intended. But feminism as a tool to normalize the hatred and harming of men is only a precursor to feminism as a tool for the mass-extermination of women.

After all, to harm women successfully on a massive scale requires more strategy and cunning than any other conspiracy in the world — since men protect nothing in the world, not even themselves, more than they protect women.

Men as her vestigial, phantom limbs: Feminism as a strategy to numb women

Feminism ingeniously lays the groundwork for the mass-extermination of women — first by conditioning women into a massive conspiracy of insensitivity: teaching women to tolerate, welcome, and reward the merciless, even needless harming of men, supposedly for women’s own selfish, myopic, gluttonous purposes.

“Feminism is a tool that seems right to those selfish, myopic gluttons — but in the end leads to their death.” —Proverbs 14:12 (paraphrased).

Suicide as the safest femicide: Feminism as a strategy to cull numbed women

Look easily to the slave-state of China to see the result of a culture that rewards conspiracies of insensitivity — to see that such conspiracies will always harm the weaker sex most of all.

Apart from the equally hellish slave-state of Bangladesh, China is the only country in the world where women self-murder as often as men. Indeed, while men self-murder exponentially more often than women everywhere else in the world — in China, women self-murder slightly more often.

According to a couple of malevolent chink liars: “The higher rate of suicide among women probably reflects the fact that Chinese women are of low social and economic position, and have few social resources to protect them, especially in remote areas.” Zhao et al., The sex ratio of suicide rates in China (NCBI 1994).

The privileges of non-murdered women: Feminism as a strategy to redirect attention

Moreover, in China, and anywhere feminism or similar hate-filled conspiracies exist, the slaughter of some women echoes pretended privilege for the women whom murderers spare.

Currently in China, the price of a bride is huge — far beyond the financial reach of the average Chinese male slave. In China, there are more than few men, politically-born yesterday, who cite China’s high bride-price as evidence of women’s empowerment.

Yet the price rose not by respect for women but rather by simple economics — Supply & Demand. And the increased demand for women arose simply by the decreased supply of women. And that decreased supply of women arose simply by the strategic mass-murder of unborn girls.

In the slave-state of China, the government rations children to the poor: one child per poor couple — and the government requires that any extra child must be murdered by its parents, or else disappeared by neighbors for being an undue burden on the community’s rations. And each poor couple must accept that their one child is whom they will slave-drive to provide for them during their old age in the slave-state.

Men as the preferred human-doings: Feminism as the devaluation of the contribution to the world by women and girls

The slave-couples in China, when deciding the sex of their one child-slave, consider not the laughable Western fetish-myth of “gender equality” but rather the reality that a slave-son can be beaten into financial success in ways that would only break a slave-daughter.

In China, slave-parents consider a slave-son to be a far better financial investment, thus countless cowardly slave-couples in China murder as many unborn daughters as necessary to make room in the scarred and mangled womb for the privileged birth of their slave-son.

Women as discarded liabilities: Feminism as a map for carefully murdering women

This insensitive conspiracy, multiplied countless times, has caused a giant gender-life-gap in China: Tens of millions more slave-sons than slave-daughters. Thus, supply & demand establishes a high bride-price — not because China values women, but because China is a collapsing slave-state that strategically earned its destruction by the mass-extermination of unborn girls.

Legend has it that the reason Chinese people barely open their eyes is because they are disgusted with the girl-murdering slave-state that their cowardly ancestors brought into the world.

Legend further has it that pale and sickly Western scavengers wholly deserve their impending cultural collapse — for having feasted so long on the poisoned carcass of cheap products assembled by massive rows of miserable slaves — in China, Bangladesh, and beyond.

Feral nigger-pet DC Young Fly intellectually chimps-out on the Fallen State

Far more than few people recognize that the nigger-coddling myths about rampant black victimization are myths created by slithering whites, then parroted by cowardly, dishonest blacks — myths created most especially to miscontextualize and trivialize the victimization of slave-class whites by the feral nigger pets of ruling-class whites.

The perpetuation of these myths serves to create docile, obedient whites — willing to do whatever it takes to be let out of the ruling-class’s modern plantation which niggers are let to terrorize.

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Leftist nigger-pet demands the mass-murder of nigger babies (but internalized oppression is a myth)

nigger pet flashes the bush-dollar handed to it by its white liberal handlers who are dressed up as Republicans
Nigger pet flashes the bush-dollar handed to it by its white liberal handlers who are dressed up as Republicans, moments before declaring the importance of exterminating “ugly, nappy-headed” nigger babies.

In 2012, when white devils were coaxing their nigger pets into reelecting some white bitch’s mongrel son, cameras famously recorded one insane, ugly, nappy-headed nigger bitch saying that she wanted to “beat Mitt Romney’s ass” because the nigger bitch heard that the Republican candidate wanted to criminalize the murdering of nigger babies. The nigger bitch famously said, “They want to make abortion illegal. That don’t make sense motherfucker. [Why] we gonna have all these ugly ass, nappy headed [nigger] kids running around here hungry for? That don’t even sound attractive!”

Anti-nigger zealots point to such occurences as proof of the importance of technologically kicking pregnant nigger bitches in their crime-factory.

Meanwhile, the white devils on both sides of USA’s uniparty pretend that youthful 86-year-old Louis Farrakhan could not be reached for comment on the matter.

For more on Farrakhan, author of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, check out the following hit-piece by the kike-puppets at The Daily Caller: THESE BIG NAME RAPPERS ARE TIGHT WITH ANTI-SEMITE LOUIS FARRAKHAN. In any case, just remember that internalized oppression is a myth.

JUSTICE for post-birth-abortion advocate Brandon Samra


equal justice initiative, featuring its darkest pets front and center
Equal Justice Initiative, featuring its darkest pets front and center

“Brandon Samra is a victim — and the craKKKa government intends to assassinate Brandon Samra in a modern lynching! All that nigger Brandon Samra did was slit two niglet-bitches’ throats after aborting their nigger-bitch mom in front of them! The real problem is that the citizens of Shelby County, Alabama, are prejudiced!” —Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

In 2018, the EJI was “pleased to report” that it “was able to spend efficiently[,] with 91% of expenditures [going] to program expense.”[1] Given that EJI reported a budget of around forty-four million dollars,[2] it almost makes one wonder where EJI spent the remaining %9 (about four-million dollars). But questioning the grifting of sleazy craKKKas and their nigger mascots is obviously racist.

Meanwhile, EJI spent more than zero of those four-million dollars on defamation campaigns against Shelby County in central Alabama,[3] where heroic nigger post-birth-abortion enthusiast Brandon Samra participated in the post-birth abortion of 4 unimportant niggers. To be clear: EJI did not use “dey iz white” as an official angle against the concerned citizens of Shelby County, even though the census for the year 2000 showed that the county is about 90% white.[4] Instead, EJI said that in Shelby County “nearly everyone had heard about the case and many potential jurors had already decided that [the murderous nigger] Brandon [Samra] was guilty.”[5]

Citizens of Shelby County decided Samra was guilty of what? Well Samra’s death sentence was appealed to the 11th circuit, where white devil judge William H. Pryor Jr. racistly refused to restate the facts fully because “the appellant does not challenge the . . . evidence [presented] to support his conviction.”[6]

And here is the evidence[7]:

(1) Brandon Samra along with three codefendants, planned to abort nigger Randy Gerald Duke. To conceal the abortion of Randy Gerald Duke, they also aborted nigger-bitch Dedra Mims Hunt, niglet-bitch Chelisa Nicole Hunt, and niglet-bitch Chelsea Marie Hunt, who were present at the scene.

(2) The four codefendants obtained two handguns to carry out the plan. The appellant and one codefendant then went to the home of nigger Randy Gerald Duke, and the codefendant shot nigger Randy Gerald Duke. The appellant shot nigger-bitch Dedra Mims Hunt in the face, but the shot did not immediately abort her.

(3) Nigger-bitch Dedra Mims Hunt ran upstairs with her two niglet children — niglet-bitch Chelisa Nicole Hunt and niglet-bitch Chelsea Marie Hunt, and poor nigger victim Brandon Samra and his codefendant followed the nigger-bitch and her niglet-bitch daughters — and aborted each of them.

(4) After shooting nigger-bitch Dedra Mims Hunt several times, Gay Rights advocate Brandon Samra and his Trump-hating gay friend ran out of ammunition for the handguns. Therefore, they used kitchen knives to cut the throats of niglet-bitch Chelisa Nicole Hunt and niglet-bitch Chelsea Marie Hunt.

(5) The evidence showed that the Brandon Samra actually cut the throat of one of the niglet children, aborting it.

James Murdough of Rikers
James Murdough of Rikers, New York

These facts were not disputed by the attorneys of heroic, victimized pro-choice hero Brandon Sims. Instead, the violent niggers of EJI and beyond contend that the trial of the nigger who slit a weeping niglet-bitch’s throat after aborting her mom in front of her — the trial was unfair, because people in Shelby had heard about the crime. Nevertheless, the hate-filled racist judged ruled that, “Although the appellant presented evidence that indicated that many of the citizens of Shelby County had heard about the case through the media, he has not shown that the information presented by the media was prejudicial.”[8]


To justify their modern lynching, the white devils of the 11th circuit whitesplained that, “To find the existence of actual prejudice, two basic prerequisites must be satisfied. First, it must be shown that one or more jurors who decided the case entertained an opinion, before hearing the evidence adduced at trial, that the defendant was guilty;”[9] and second, that “these jurors, it must be determined, could not have laid aside these preformed opinions and ‘render[ed] a verdict based on the evidence presented in court.'”[10]

Of course, all that craKKKa-talk is just code for, “We hate niggers!! RAAAAR!!” Because only a hate-filled white racist would sentence a nigger to a “modern lynching” for the post-birth abortion of four niggers — including a nigger-bitch and her two ugly, nappy-headed niglet-bitches.[11]

Thankfully, the world has the 44-million-dollar-a-year Equal Justice Initiative to point out the racist injustice against noble nigger-murderer Brandon Samra.

A footnote at the bottom of EJI’s pro-murderer article about Samra mentions, in passing, the horribly racist “modern lynching” of victim nigger Domineque Ray — who dindu nuffin . . . except rape nigger-bitch Tiffany Harville over and over and over and over and over and over and over — and then stabbed her twelve times in the head as she screamed, “God, help me!”[12] According to Forensic Scientists, the knife broke through Tiffany’s skull three of the twelve times that Domineque stabbed Tiffany in the head.[13]

And Domineque Ray’s case is featured among the Equal Justice Initiative’s expose about how “da death penalty be racis yo!” Almost makes you wonder how many actual lynchings were 100% justified.

Oh, by the way: Brandon Samra is white, and so were his victims. And so interest in the story drops to zero for those on all sides who are addicted to strategizing based on race.


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11. In 2012, when white devils were coaxing their nigger pets into reelecting some white bitch’s mongrel son, cameras famously recorded one insane, ugly, nappy-headed nigger bitch saying that she wanted to “beat Mitt Romney’s ass” because the nigger bitch heard that the Republican candidate wanted to criminalize the murdering of nigger babies. The nigger bitch famously said, ““They want to make abortion illegal. That don’t make sense motherfucker. [Why] we gonna have all these ugly ass, nappy headed [nigger] kids running around here hungry for? That don’t even sound attractive!” See Steven Ertelt, Black Woman Supports Abortion: “No Ugly Ass Nappy Headed Kids” (Lifenews.com 2012).
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When spics die young

The United States is littered with mass-produced, TV-raised runts who are conditioned to believe that nothing could ever be worse than the (strategically embellished) nigger-slavery of yester-century.

Often, these runts know of such verses in the Christian Bible as Ephesians 6:5, which instructs: “Slaves, obey your masters.”

However, plenty of these runts know nothing of the very next admonition, in verse nine: “And masters, treat your slaves the same way, without threatening them, because you know that both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with Him.”

And the Christian Bible is certainly not the only classic text to speak of the burden of responsibility which an owner owes to a slave. Yet these things are largely lost on USA’s commodified, cowardly, often-complicit runts.

Nevertheless, modern-slavery, with its seasonal and otherwise segmented nature, is far worse, in more than zero imperative respects, than the slavery which modern cogs learn dutifully to bemoan:

Effectively, there is no duty owed to the seasonal migrant. Moreover, their job is the most deadly in the United States (even more so than the work at a factory slaughterhouse that processes poisoned non-human animal meat to glut hubristic humans).

Worse, an attentive and intelligent person should anticipate that, in more than zero instances, the dangerous conditions under which seasonal migrant-slaves toil are not merely tolerated by modern masters but rather rewarding.

In a quite practical sense, the field is a slaughterhouse for migrant workers. After all, if an over-worked migrant drops dead in a field — then the minuscule cost to the seasonal master is only that of replacing the depleted carcass with any fresher flesh from among those wretches caravaning, each season, to clamor at the gates of the slave-state, begging to be inspected and selected from the razor-wired-encircled auction-block.

Meanwhile, that minuscule cost is already practically factored into the yearly harvesting of little brown bodies to expedite the big white harvests of the north; moreover, whatever additional cost accrues to the carcass-discarding master is offset many times over by the benefit of migrant-slaves dropping dead mid-till: masters need pay nothing to a carcass (only tolerate the loss of productivity during the minutes or hours of any quaint, momentary reverence that other slaves may pay to the fallen).

The status quo is a moral kidney-stone. This, too, shall pass. And the longer that the corrupt masters and cowardly co-conspirators cling to things as they are — the more painful will be the transition to things as will inevitably become.

Domesticated mongrel Katrina Boone sasses the patriarchy, and thus, in her mind, is a step closer to saving the world

“When Michelle Obama and her husband visited students of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation in North Dakota in the summer of 2014, she met students whose lives had been ravaged by substance abuse and alcoholism . . . [but] [o]verall, [the Obama’s visit] was one of many missed opportunities to acknowledge the urgent hardships faced by our country’s first citizens, and more specifically, their children.”

Thus spake Katrina Boone, a domesticated mongrelize feminist journalist, who decided that the obvious solution to savages’ self-destruction was for an ethnically mongrelized feminist to passive-aggressively say “Michelle Obama and her husband,” when referring to a president and his wife — this way, Boone believes, “herstory” can free “womyn” from the patriarchy.

patriach allows feminist her freedom
“From now on, the princess can marry whomever SHE deems worthy!” -Patriarch, allowing a petty feminist her she-freedom

Meanwhile, Boone’s fem-anesthetized trope is alike the impotent, feminist political-porn in Disney’s Aladdin, where the pinnacle of the tale was when Jasmine’s father declared, “From now on, the princess may marry whomever SHE deems worthy.” Thus “girl power” won its freedom — by the whim of a patriarch.

aladdin gives bread

Also at the end of Aladdin, out in the streets remained the starving children whom Disney featured to prove that Aladdin was worthy of having sex with the princess (Aladdin had given his hard-won food to the starving children).

Disney also featured starving children to establish the danger faced by non-princess women for feeding starving children. Recall that Jasmine almost gets her hand cut off by a giant Arab stereotype for giving food to starving children — a scene which was written into Aladdin by the film’s atheist pseudo-Jew producers to play on a myth perpetrated against Muslim culture by atheist pseudo-Jews who aim to justify their terrorism against Muslims by dehumanizing Muslims in the eyes of onlookers through propaganda.

arab shopkeepers hate hungry children
“Arab shopkeepers hate hungry children” -The suicidal, homosexual, misanthropic, anti-Judaism atheist pseudo-Jews who create political-porn propaganda against Arabs (and anyone else) in hopes of persuading the wider culture to tolerate terrorism by Israel against Arab children.

arab men hoard all the food, hate women, and hate children
“Arab men hoard food, hate women, and hate children” -The suicidal, homosexual, misanthropic, anti-Judaism atheist pseudo-Jews who create political-porn propaganda against Arabs (and anyone else) in hopes of persuading the wider culture to tolerate terrorism by Israel against Arab children.

arab men -- always trying to cut off the hands of women who feed starving children
“Arab men are always trying to cut off the hands of women who feed starving children” -The suicidal, homosexual, misanthropic, anti-Judaism atheist pseudo-Jews who create political-porn propaganda against Arabs (and anyone else) in hopes of persuading the wider culture to tolerate terrorism by Israel against Arab children.

Meanwhile, and apart from the propaganda of “Arabs cut off women’s hands for feeding starving children”: Islam requires alms; and the “cutting off of the hand” to which Aladdin refers was never a punishment for petty theft — much less a punishment for giving food to a starving child. Nevertheless, the propaganda against Muslims by blood-thirsty atheist pseudo-Jews is never meant to be even remotely accurate — only intended to persuade onlookers to tolerate terrorism against Muslim children by atheist pseudo-Jews.

Meanwhile, in Pallywood:

aladdin steals food from kids, eats the food with his monkey
Aladdin steals food from kids, and eats the food with his monkey


Just as the hypocritical political-porn in Aladdin solves nothing. So too the passive-aggression of Boone’s “Michelle Obama and her husband” solves nothing. And again: it is not meant to solve anything: it is meant only to establish Boone as a resource for frauds and cowards to indulge each other with lies about the plight of suicidal savages — while mongrelized feminists like Katrina Boone ride off into the sunset of begging for privileges from men.