Sociological acid-attacks of the West

The minions of patriarchy — each one consumed with cowardice, envy, and wrath — will torment any woman who steps whatsoever out of the shadow of her protectors. Then the minions impossibly pretend to pass moral judgment on that vast majority of women — those rendered frantic and passive-aggressive — who are able only to navigate […]

Sociopathic political-porn for the deathcult

Sometimes, the political porn of the death-cult features the crocodile tears of a self-hating pothead mulatto millionaire lawyer sociopath torture-overseer who murdered hundreds of children with drone-strikes, who is crying as if to say, “I’m just so sad that the world is unsafe! Please take my crying as an indication of just how heartless and […]

Socrates vs Stalins

Those interested in conversational journeys towards understanding truths—they may employ that which, in the West, has been labeled “the Socratic Method,” whereby one of two conversational loops serves to define and clarify a given matter: Loop 1: proposition-acceptance-synthesis. E.g.: person A proposes an idea, often in the form of a question; person B accepts the […]

Patriarchy, feminism, & MGTOW in one GIF

Within patriarchy’s worldwide harem, each sterilized sexual-outlet knew that she could demandingly beg men for privilege whenever she wanted: a privilege to vote men into war; a privilege to murder men’s children in the womb; a privilege to beg men to track down and cage any sperm-donor who refused to pay her for the children […]

Powerful femininity vs pitiful feminism

*a note to Devin O’Neil and those similarly situated: to every self-deceiving, female-anesthetized man who exalts the women in his life to the status of his ‘leader’. The myriad modern feminist suicide anthems — of Sia, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, every she-rapper, etc. — powerfully remind that feminism is simply a vain delusion which […]