Our lord & mufukin savior: white liberals

our lord and motherfucking savior, white liberals

You can tell how solid a family is by how high up dad wears his pants.


“Pardon me hoe,
you got a minute
to talk about our lord & mufukin savior:
white liberals whose political strategy
is keeping black dumb & dependent,
by constant excuses for bad behavior?”
-Da  nigga  wif  da  fitted,  da  chainz,  da  icy  wrist,  da  fucci  belt,  da  fly  kicks,  da  spinners,  n  da  yt  connect


Author: Russ Lindquist

I am Russ Lindquist, regardless the extent to which sniveling social-engineers, by banning my various accounts, hope to hide their feeder-sheep from the common sense of my messages.

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