Gossipy, feminine cowardly black men as house-slaves on the Expanded Plantation

“Lincoln didn’t free the slaves–he only expanded the plantation” -Reality Black men who proceed from a personality of gossipy feminine cowardice are key to the survival of the Expanded Plantation–most especially when such black men learn to use their gossipy feminine cowardice as a way to ignore black elders, in obedience to the self-destruction taught to […]

Environmentalist messiah-complexes & fatalist homosexualism among the death-cults on the Expanded Plantation

And then Global Warming alarmist recalculate to find that, rather, the sky was falling by Climate Change; and spent all their time devising techniques to persuade against the common sense — that the climate always is, and has always been, changing. Similar shifts occurred in other cages of the death-cult, as when talk of Sexual […]

Atrophied, barrel-bodied barrenesses bravely bleating, on the Expanded Plantation

“Atrophy is the new excellence!,” blithely, bleakly bleated a barrel-bodied barrenesses — doe-eyed, drawing debutante-dole in a hen-house harem, on the Expanded Plantation; rarely her sheepish aims exceeding simply to avoid being the ugliest among her sterilized sister-veal. “Men are guilty until proven innocent!,” cry-cackled a second. A third self-siren drunkenly sigh-sang: “Prenatal children are only […]

Corporate cannibalism, on the Expanded Plantation

The replacements on the Expanded Plantation, primed for self-satisfaction via merely nearly-coherent articulation, swarmed those dangling one rung up, with an introductory reminder that all but the terribly stingy gladly go gently into that good night — of disuse and abandonement: “REAL competition surrenders!,” bartered the graduates, with starry eyes and foggy minds, wholly dependent […]