Suicidal new-slave Kanye supports Obama in orange-face

Suicidal new-slave Kanye supports Obama in orange-face

“My terrible judgment“My terrible judgmentgot my momma killed, but I’m sure that thisfad will make it all better!” -Suicidal New-Slave Kanye


MLK: The ultimate white-CULTure coon

MLK-- The ultimate white-CULTure coon

“Abraham Lincoln never freed the slaves — he only expanded the plantations” -Reality

To understand the Expanded Plantation, consider simply its worship of Michael King aka Martin Luther King Jr aka MLK: A short, frail, violent, misogynistic house-nigger.

Cowardly fuckboy MLK pretended to be “nonviolent” — but that was only towards his white handlers. Behind the scenes, he beat several black women according to the book, And The Walls Came Tumbling Down, written by MLK’s own right-hand-man, Ralph Abernathy, who had zero reason to lie, every reason to downplay — and so, like so many weak black cowards, Abernathy told a cathartic half-truth as to MLK’s passive-aggressively violent tendencies towards black women.

MLK was the ultimate white-culture coon. To be clear: You don’t have to be a white person to be part of white, colorless, soulless culture: You can be black as heaven, white as hell, or anything in between — and still be a welcomed addition to the white, colorless, soulless culture which maintains the modern Expanded Plantation.

Environmentalist messiah-complexes & fatalist homosexualism among the death-cults on the Expanded Plantation

David Buckel, a prominent, aimless, suicidal LGBTQLMNOP Lawyer Sets Self On Fire In ‘Protest Suicide’ Of Climate Change. David Buckel was An Hero.

And then Global Warming alarmist recalculate to find that, rather, the sky was falling by Climate Change; and spent all their time devising techniques to persuade against the common sense — that the climate always is, and has always been, changing.

Similar shifts occurred in other cages of the death-cult, as when talk of Sexual Preference became all but criminal, inasmuch as imputing volition to people became hate speech, according to anti-life death-cult faux-fatalists, whose pretense was purposed simply to infuse anxiety into expendables so as to elicit either self-enslavement to anti-democracy democrats, or suicide — and ideally both.

The greatest mass-shooting in USA’s history — is SO last week!


“Watch how easily we wipe away the memory of the greatest mass-shooting in history,” bayed the Bolshevik braggarts, addicted to flying false-flags to foist white flags onto their unwitting, acrimonious accomplices — failing to comprehend that their malevolent conspiracies will cause no less, nor more, than two things: The weak to surrender; the strong to galvanize, unify, coordinate, conquer.

Currently, droves of anti-life anti-freedom psychopaths anxiously mill about in their depressive mode, seeking to recruit as many fools as possible, by their impersonation of a Palestinian war-cry: “We’re losing, therefore we’re the morally-superior underdog victims!,” even as, every time such sirening inclines a person: That same person lives to regret, reflect and retell.

Thus the death-cult Bolshevik braggarts, addicted to flying false-flags to foist white flags, will die as they lived: Mired in frantic, self-destructive misery.

Hitler vs Leopold — vs homosexual black men & child-murdering black women


ORIGINAL POST. Two monsters: Hitler killed 10 million Europeans. Leopold killed 15 million Africans. Why are we only taught about one of them?

FULLER ANALYSIS. And if ‘Leopold’ were just another Margaret Sanger Murder Slanger: Providing the “right to choose” that millions of black kweens took? Or what if ‘Leopold’ were just another Tupac: aka a ‘down-low’ brother, squandering countless black progeny up other men’s asses — while poisoning countless black women with AIDS, MJ style?

White devil pink man cave beast racistly noticing da kang & kween during Two Minutes of Cultural Enrichment



#CULTuralEnrichment. #Microaggression.

Text-talk in academia: Logic vs Pedantry

kids 'learning' (do as I say, not as I do)

Once upon a time, writers would spell-out such terms as Exempli gratia (e.g.), Id est (i.e.), Et cetera (etc.). Now, the abbreviation of those terms is jargon so common that to spell-out them would jar most readers. Jargon, i.e. special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand (e.g. exempli gratia), is virtually always popular — as long as it is coherent (alaiic) — inasmuch as it can save a lot of time — again, alaiic. Thus, jargon necessarily thrives or dives not by any loftily wimpered degree — but rather by its utility or lack thereof, i.e. the alaiic part.

Yet many a fading gatekeeper of culture (fgkc), especially in academia, loathe freshness and vigor to such a downright counterproductive degree — that they simply refuse to acknowledge the utility of up-and-coming jargon, e.g. so-called text-talk: u (you), ur (your), idc (I don’t care), idk (I don’t know), ttyl (talk to you later), etc (et cetera).

The simplest, humanest, humblest, effectivest way to bridge the gap between old-school and new-school would be to instruct the latter more fully in the clear and easy academic standard for introducing an acronym (acry) or abbreviation (abbr). Thereafter, whenever the writer wanted to use the given acry, e.g. acry or abbr — they would simply need to explain themselves ahead of time to u, the reader, to ensure ur ability to follow along.

Hence, the new-age jargonist would raise or fall by their merits or lack thereof, not by the indiscriminate discretion of discrete academic elites, who are too often too far-removed from reality — those specialized to a retarding degree, who are anything but teachers proper, instead, again: Only fgkc.

For now, the imaginary gap — of improper vs proper — between new circles and old squares shall persist, at least until the real gap ends: Pedantry vs Logic.