gadgets to measure how expensive their dependency on slavery has become

“My mind is free to wander and to soar, but you have to waste your every waking hour on worrying whether I’m still trapped in the cage where you want to keep me — so which of us is really in prison?”

-Charles Manson, on the downside of tyranny.

Book-smart, life-retarded white tyrants love their gadgets:

gadgets to enslave

gadgets to control slaves

gadgets to justify slavery

gadgets to distract themselves from the emptiness felt by a chronic dependency on slavery

gadgets to measure how expensive their dependency on slavery has become:

how their #2 expenditure is weaponry to secure slaves;

and how their #1 expenditure is medication to slow the collapse of their frantically sedentary better-dressed slaves — those gnarled from the tedium of earning a right to live by managing the moods, minds, and manners of the slaves who actually produce.

Thus the reasoning for slavery became circular: we need to bomb, cage, and gnarl these people, so that we can produce enough to afford bombs, cages, and medication.


Decent of M.A.N.

When, in the course of an imploding death-cult, it became progressively more complicated to differentiate between a glowing child-nurturer and a polished child-murderer, the forefathers of succeeding generations began to include a “no infanticide” clause in the manly prenuptial agreements that, by then, only fickle fools forwent.

Hell hath no fury like a woman rejected and avoided for being a child-murdering lunatic…

Still, the ever-adaptive child-murderer; spurred by the mania of her bloodthirsty thrift; threw every deception trained into her at a discerning man; who nevertheless, by his manly diligence, did dutifully discard each race-traitor womyn as readily as such a womyn would discard his child if it were to grow in her womb.

Meanwhile, among the profiteering prophets of the hellishly pale death-cult…

The once-iron fist of pallid patriarchs, white as sun-dried shit, creaking by cultural rust and social arthritis, could no longer enact anything to trick or trap sane men into celebrating sadistic, insane womyn: real men had become, and remained, entirely unmoved by the death-cult, whether its U.N. resolutions declaring womyn’s Human Right to infanticide; or its federal she-lawmakers croaking of men’s moral obligation to bolster murderous womyn; or even bad mothers using their prior “tough choices” to justify advocating a “sensible approach” for allowing, with at least reverence and impunity if not applause, womyn to murder men’s children. None of it phased the manly forefathers, who blazed a trail towards freedom via the abandonment and destruction of kid-killing cults.

Springtime for Masculism…

With the advent of M.A.N. — Manly Alternative Networks — men began to shield their wives and children from the pale death-cult sensationalized by slithering, suicidal Zionist middlemen, whose mothers never loved them.

One of the most popular archetypes invented by MAN was the “kid-killer-killer”: a short, bald, manly hero with a small penis and no money who diligently rid the world of womyn who kill children — and the men who harbor and help them.

A Kid-Killer-Killer, as depicted in MAN media, would stalk a murderous mom en route to Murder Slanger’s Prevented Parenthood — then kidnap her, keep her healthy until the child was born, then slit her kid-killing throat, to prevent her from imperiling any other kids.

The best-laid plans of men and men…

Such was the theory; yet, in practice the, kidnapper always discovered that each and every womyn, removed long enough from the ZOG death-cult, gladly reverted to being a woman — and that no woman ever in the history of the world actually wanted to murder her child. Rather, each womyn was simply tortured sufficiently into pretending a zeal for the masochism of sterility and the sadism of infanticide.

Nevertheless, having limited time, space, energy, and patience — every real man still readily rejected pro-death womyn and all cults which promoted them, namely rejecting his supposed accountability for saving her from herself.

Plight of my righteous mania

As a black woman with white skin and a penis, I often feel firsthand the hate of those who fail to obey the governmental mandates that we all must progress beyond a culture where we “can become” whatever we want strongly, consistently, and purposefully enough to become — and that we are now a culture of thick, heavy, happily hapless liars begging for delusion-privilege; and that the most piously pitied among us are allowed simply to insist that others pretend that we are whatever we whim to be, moment-to-moment, by our addiction to media created by self-hating, suicidal, degenerate failures.

In fact, the only thing we cannot “identify as” — is an honest, scientifically accurate person; because reality is the most hateful of speech.

Little black pets of a big white war-machine

On August 7, 1964, the democrat-led House of Representatives and the democrat-led Senate passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (Act), based on accusations against North Vietnam of military actions that history has shown to be not only false but willfully fabricated.

While not an official “declaration of war,” the Act authorized the democrat president Lyndon Baines Johnson to force a war draft upon millions of Americans — including hundreds of thousands of sub-white (black) Americans.

Many black criminals were drafted for war in lieu of jail time. Those black criminals, being socially awkward around normal people (especially normal white people), organized countless, mindless race-riots (ie. “peaceful Ferguson protests”) on many US military ships and installations, demanding the right to “whitey’s stuff” — while contributing to the murder of many millions of yellow children, in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and elsewhere.

Countless normals and blacks, while murdering because daddy-government said so, also developed heroin addiction during their time of terrorizing for freedom and democracy: addictions that rendered many completely helpless upon being discarded by the white death-cult’s war machine.

Then, president Richard Nixon spied on some democrats at Watergate, which war-mongering democrats used to mobilize its mobs of black pets, and to distract a nation of white and sub-white cowards and frauds, who all learned to parrot the zionist media narrative that Nixon was “literally Hitler” — while US terrorism continued, under the direction of Henry Kissinger and other zionist terrorists who directed US policies for its wars of aggression.

And then a mentally retarded racist man-child narcissist named Kanye West whimpered that, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” ignoring that most who died during “Hurricane Katrina” were white — because only black lives matter to the black pets of the white war machine.

Her chains of privilege and pretense (divorce and rape)

Bored, boring “models” pretending to be bored, boring normal women who show up to bars in desperate attempts to be chased — then laughably pretend resistance.

“The privilege allotted to heterosexual women (ie. normal women) who are weak and foolish enough to accept the privilege — this causes them to be entirely intolerable beyond the most primitive, initial stages of lust.” -Reality

Her contributions to the imploding culture’s rampant divorce-rate; born of countless unstable, insatiable women’s addiction to fleeting¬†female-privilege; are, the first few times, just another among her many sassy ways to echo excitedly what she’s heard constantly from her parasitic enablers: “every woman is an island!”

Yet, as with her successive abortions, each “progressive” divorce (ie. those born of her regressive mania and hypocrisy) comes with less and less glitter, more and more glue — in her points and in her joints. That a downward spiral of slithering losers readily smooths her descent into complete irrelevance does mollify only the sharpest reminders that she is hardly worth a few beers and a few lies anymore.

lesbian rapist
“I’m for gay marriage if both chicks are hot” -Martin Luther King, Jr., some short black fraud who practiced “non-violence” towards white men — while beating black women.

“The pretense shielding homosexual women (ie. abnormal women) who are too weak and vain to earn a man — this builds them a tower of cards that routinely culminates in violence against other sub-hetero women.” -Reality

Violent lesbian rapists are typically more careful than Trayvon Martin. Drug-addicted thug Trayvon clearly will attack any 5’8″ peruvian he sees — without even first checking his victim for weapons! In contrast, penis-envious women who indulge in homosexualism carefully pick their rape victims, invariably choosing other penis-envious women who indulge in homosexualism.

The main reason for this choice is the rapists’¬†knowledge that the “gay community” is too busy swapping STDs to stand for anything, hence homosexualists rabidly shield their rapists from justice, because otherwise their imagined rainbow monolith would be revealed for what it is: a bunch of hyper-politicized failures, laboriously volunteering for genetic extinction, who often enough suffer fits of humanity such that they lash out at their most immediate enablers — typically their “partner,” though it could just as easily be whatever random suicidal wreck with whom they’ve linked genitals to jointly resist impending introspection.

And little solace visits the countless raped lesbians, when every homo and their disappointed mama bends over backwards to dilute responsibility of the rapist women who indulges in homosexualism because they are too weak and vain to develop a real (ie. heterosexual) relationship.

Soulless Holmes and the insufferable suffragettes: 100 years of tyrannical chicken-hawks

A year less than a century ago, Oliver Wendell Holmes, one of history’s more hysterical robed rogues, clarified the malevolence by which state tyranny may operate, in response to a godless socialist appealing criminal conviction for having called on citizens to rescind barren barons bellowing the mandate that USA’s slaves kill and die in war:

“[T]he character of every act depends upon the circumstances in which it is done. The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic. [The] question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.”

Meanwhile, a government “by the people,” and “for the people,” need not force its people to fight wars; indeed it cannot. Yet Holmes’ hubris bent him to the hypocrisy of criminalizing “fire’s” chaos, while simultaneously codifying the right of unaccountable bureaucrats to shout “fire!” to create a crowded theater of war — which summarily and immediately, by Holmes’ limp analysis, nullifies and criminalizes all peaceful dissent that is whatsoever effective.

Mere months thereafter, the myopic menace began to retool his tawdry teleology — seeking to shift its emphasis, from timing to intent. Yet imploding societies never need even the most hellishly helpful Holmes longer than for the briefest things; and so, just a year later, Holmes’ handlers passed the torch of torturing indentured conscripts — to nature’s most chicken of hawks: the kid-killing, penis-envying, truth-loathing, hypocrisy-bathing, war-loving “suffragettes” — where the same shame remains most potently to this day.

Three views on “Social Justice”: Alexander Hamilton, John Stuart Mill, and some zionist shill

1. “[W]e reasonably infer that, in similar cases, under other circumstances, a war, not of parchment but of the sword, would chastise such atrocious breaches of moral obligation and social justice.”

-Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper 7.

2. “[S]ociety should treat all equally well who have deserved equally well of it, that is, who have deserved equally well absolutely. This is the highest abstract standard of social and distributive justice; towards which all institutions, and the efforts of all virtuous citizens, should be made in the utmost possible degree to converge.”

-John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism, chapter 5

3. “The concept of Social Justice is not only wrong — it’s evil, okay? When you put ‘social’ in front of ‘justice’ — that ruins the justice part, okay folks? Let me jew you an example, okay? So my wife’s a doctor, okay? She went to medical school for that. That’s what you do to become a doctor, ok: you go to medical school, and you study medicine. It’s not that hard, ok folks? This is basic common sense stuff, folks. So my wife’s a doctor. And no matter how much someone needs medical help from my greedy Jewess doctor wife — they don’t get to tell the government to put a gun to my wife’s Jew doctor head and force her to give them her magic Jew potions, ok folks? That would not be ‘Social Justice,’ people — that would be pure evil.”

-Ben Shapiro, a greedy Orthodox Jew who only accepts Social Justice when it involves letting Orthodox Jews mutilate and molest (and sometimes kill) babies, through the Jewish torture ritual known as Metzitzah B’peh.