Rich White Psychiatrist with No Black Neighbors Reminds Facebook about Remedial African Genius who Read a Book

On August 31, 2019, Walter E. Jacobson, MD, (among thousands of others) parroted non-news from “” about a Malawian teen named William Kamkwamba. The post says: “A Malawian teenager taught himself how to build a windmill out of junk and bring power to his village. Share this. Let’s make him famous because the media won’t.”

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Pothead Pied-piper Job Rogan solves the world with Candace and Herbert

Sexy cutter: painted, suicidal pornstar Miriam Weeks poses with her legs covered by self-inflicted knife-wounds

Whether political-parties or porn, the genetic suicide of abortion or the mental suicide of a Joe Rogan podcast: simply stare a little longer than the pushers schedule for props and lighting — and the effects, if not the purposes, of these endless, poisonous causes sink to the surface.

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Evolution of Progressive Bambi

Thumper’s mom, 1942: “Thumper! What did your father tell you this morning?”

Thumper, 1942: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

Thumper’s mom, 2019: “Thumper! What did my wife and I tell you this morning?”

Thumper, 2019: “You said you’re both way too hungover and high to deal with my shit this morning; and that I am disgustingly masculine, just like my deadbeat dad who doesn’t pay my two strong, independent moms enough single-mom-support to be considered a real man; and that I’m 7-years-old now — so it’s time for sex-reassignment surgery, to fix the hideous, hateful birth-defect between my legs; then we will go to the Starbucks inside Planned Parenthood, to get a fetus-protein latte.”

Punishing Those Who Expect Promises to be Honored

When some government official “cancels” student debt:

(1) what should be the punishment for a person who still tries to get back their money from someone who borrowed it and promised to pay it back? And

(2) what should be the punishment for an employer who estimates the trustworthiness of applicant based on whether the applicant fulfills their financial promises to lenders?

Obviously, if the borrower or applicant is black or a woman, then the insistent lender or cautious employer is racist or sexist (or both). But what if the borrower or applicant is a non-woman or a person without color?