Why Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophilia” Case was not a Big Deal—as a matter of law


Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedophile island” may have been a big deal socially and politically—but it was not at all a big deal legally. As always, TV-addicts must be reminded that the age-of-consent is sixteen in most areas outside of their Mecca of Hollywood.

The difficulty of remembering this now intensifies, because in the internet era, the U.S. has its first first national age-of-consent: a girl must be 18 before the law considers her emotionally mature enough for people to legally pass around pictures and videos of her naked eating shit and puke, and fucking herself with logs of shit—during consensual depictions of rape and torture.

Meanwhile, the age-of-consent is sixteen in the majority of the 50 states—and sixteen also in many U.S. territories, including the Virgin Islands (where’s Epstein “pedophile island” is located).

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Solving Judicial Tyrants’ “Reasonable,” Unconstitutional Doubt Against Appellate Dissents and Jurors’ Doubts

Citizens should require that an appellate court must only uphold a criminal conviction if the court agrees unanimously. Also, citizens should impeach any judge or justice who usurps a jury’s constitutional authority.

(A) Appealing the Tyranny of Judicial Majorities;
(B) Bad Judges as Ersatz Juries.

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Kobe Bryant’s Final Words: “Make America Great Again! Vote Trump!”

The final words of NBA legend Kobe Bryant went out on Twitter just minutes before the alleged rapist died on Jeffery Epstein’s private helicopter:

kobe final tweet maga vote trump

NBA Legend Kobe Bryant’s last words: “Heading out on the helicopter—gonna chill in Cedar Rapids with the homie Hillary Clinton.  OH SHIT DAWG!! WE MUFUKIN CRASHING!! MY NIGGA…THIS SHIT WACK YO!! tell those bitches I raped that I love them!!—and please, please, PLEASE honor my memory by voting #Trump2020!! #MAGA!!!”

Trump and Kobe fans nationwide have started several hashtags—#KobeFansForTrump, #VoteTrumpForKobe, and the most popular: #MAGAforKobe.

honor kobe 2020 maga 2

Content is Still King, Despite Gen-Z

Nature tells us that “content is king.” Countless effeminate Gen-Z man-child narcissists endlessly dress-up limitless ways to say “content is not king—it is only a slave to marketing, which is a slave to optics, which is a slave to whatever moment-to-moment antics get attention.” Then the narcissists live a slow death of frantic clinging and swinging for attention from losers with bad priorities.

In their race to the bottom, dueling factions of man-children—alongside their sterilized, cotton-crammed, child-fearing, penis-envying, man-hating marionettes—fight over a trough of itching ears (2 Timothy 4). If anti-Jewish Zionists’ satanic media told these man-children to defecate on the ground, call it art, fence it off, then battle in courts-of-public-opinion over their “intellectual property”—that would be the hill-to-die-on for those of Gen-Z who accept being the last vestige of their ancestors’ cowardly, credulous, death-directed self-worship. And as each of those social-cannibals glamorously implodes—the content of the meek inherits the earth (Matthew 5:5).