Slavers’ failed efforts to domesticate Indian descendants led to today’s political privileges for the nation’s most reliably docile slaves — negroes

Before the amalgamation of USA’s modern slave-plantation, when Satanists’ death-cult hegemony was not nearly as complete, the elites dominated only the most desperate of whites — and, of course, the majority of blacks.

In that time, the most docile blacks were allowed to be free — the niggers could even own land and slaves. And to this day, that policy remains.

Yet through the succeeding decades and centuries, before the current end-times, as rulers routinely displaced and replaced one set of slaves to favor another, creating an illusion of motion in the stagnating, satanic slave-state — through it all: the venal, docile negro has always been the elites’ slave-of-choice.

Then for a time in the nation’s history, before the prior war-tribes of the western hemisphere faded away to obscurity and suicide*, the white elites endeavored to domestic the descendants of the formerly warring tribes to harness their wild energies for the benefit of the White Man’s Burden.

*The suicide rates of so-called America Indian and Alaska Natives within the 18 states that participated in the National Violent Death Reporting System were more than %350 higher than the suicide rate among racial and ethnic groups with the lowest rates. Leavitt et alii, Suicides Among American Indian/Alaska Natives . . . (CDC 2018).

Among the strategies to domesticate the descendants of the formerly warring tribes was for white social-engineers to assign the descendants of the formerly warring tribes to be educated among the most domesticated black people, so that the descendants of the formerly warring tribes might learn energetic docility by example from the black social-pets, whose energetic docility was, by that time, superbly engineered, indeed the docility was legendary.

But the strategy was considered a failure, as the test-subjects consistently bifurcated between being either not nearly docile enough or else entirely too docile as to render them limp and useless; and so the descendants of the formerly warring tribes were generally banished to “reservations,” to live out their lives in impotent misery of mediocrity which society affixes to the descendants of failed warriors.

And as of this writing, the hegemons of USA’s modern slave-state still prefer, most of all, the finely balanced energetic docility of the most effectively domesticated negroes.

Violent, suicidal, pro-murder faggot politician Brian Sims threatens anti-murder children

“Women’s rights amount to the right for poor people to be tormented into choosing between their own survival and the survival of their child” -Misanthropic, misogynistic, suicidal faggots, like Philadelphia Representative Brian Sims

When suicidal, pro-murder misogynist Brian Sims is not squandering his sex-drive inside the excretory systems of other men, he sometimes threatens to incitement violence against anti-murder children for what Sims sees as the girls’ moral crime of having an opinion about the state-sanctioned mass-murder of millions of children.

Sims, an elected representative for the state of Pennsylvania, boldly badgered an elderly anti-murder woman before turning his suicidal, pro-murder mania against three children whose opinion about infanticide infuriated the dying heterophobe.

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Illinois Appeals judge awards the sociopathy of “Terrible Wife Bad Mom” Jovanna Bausch

Few things are as important to the courts of the modern death-cult than to take bad women and make them worse, for the purpose of defacing justice, destroying families, and preventing the stability of as many unwanted generations as possible.

In March of 2019, Justices Carter, Schmidt, and Wright of the Appellate Court for Illinois’ Third District lived out that purpose, by rewarding Bad Mom Jovanna Bausch (BMJ) for her hypocrisy, jealousy, spite, and theivery in 2016.

In the late evening of July 14, BMJ arrived at the boat of Eric D. Bausch — BMJ’s husband from whom she was separated at the time. Horrible-Wife BMJ (HWBMJ) had hoped to validate her jealousy and rage by catching her husband on the boat with another woman; so naturally (natural to a Bad Mom and Horrible Wife) HWBMJ brought the couple’s two daughters for the sting operation against their dad.

Flanked by her two daughters, and confident in the knowledge that legions of eunuch enforcers would cosign virtually anything that the shrew may choose to do, HWBMJ’s slovenly, womanly rage compelled her to invade the privacy of her daughters’ father, whereupon HWBMJ entered the boat, and discovered the husband from whom she was separated — he was sleeping, and alone.

The mania of her soap-opera-drenched pea-brain not quenched, HWBMJ scanned the room for the phone of the sleeping man. Locating the phone, HWBMJ slithered quietly up to the phone, stole it, and snuck off to find evidence to prove that the sleeping, betrayed man whom she had just robbed was not “faithful” to her. Faithful to what? Well, faithful to her jealousy, spite, dishonesty, recklessness, thievery, and terrible parenting choices. After all: Teach a woman that she has a legal right to murder children for her convenience (Roe v. Wade (1973)), and there will be no limit to the depth of her hypocrisy and stupidity.

Moments after opening the phone which she had stolen from her estranged husband, HWBMJ’s dull eyes lit up. Slimy, satisfying rage washed all over HWBMJ’s dying heart — there, on the Tinder app of her estranged husband, was proof that he talked to other women.

Hell hath no fury like a pitiful hypocrite who thinks that her feelings are law. So HWBMJ went back and stole the key’s to Eric’s boat, stealing also all Eric’s papers that establish his ownership of the boat. After hiding those papers away — probably in her purse — HWBMJ was ready to become violent. HWBMJ went back into the boat, and threw the stolen phone at the sleeping man from whom she was separated, waking him.

HWBMJ then shrieked a series of accusations about how the man who she continually betrayed had, himself, been setting up contingencies for when HWBMJ breached their marriage contract with a convenient, unilateral divorce and abandoned him totally and permanently.

Eric tried to get back the stolen paperwork for his boat, reaching for HWBMJ’s purse, where she had likely hidden the documents that she had stolen from the innocent, sleeping, solitary man.

HWBMJ acted like a wild animal. The couple’s better daughter sat tearfully and watched the exchange; the couple’s worse daughter, high on the slow suicide of “girl power” idiocy, jumped on her father’s back and began hitting him.

A few losers passing by, seeing the scene, demanded that Eric “step away.” He did. Then the cops showed up. HWBMJ, like the bitch she is, played the victim, and the cops arrested Eric for “domestic violence.”

Thereafter, feminine, feminist judge Edward A. Burmila Jr. of the 12th Judicial Circuit convicted HWBMJ’s victim of self-defense against a woman, saying “I can’t think of anything that would be more insulting or provoking than for a man to try to pull a purse away from a woman” to get back what she had stolen from him.

Then in March of 2019, Appellate Justices Carter, Schmidt, and Wright agreed with lower court’s womanly “logic” — and the three robed eunuchs affirmed the conviction of HWBMJ’s victim.

Thus, the three females in the situation learned that “rules are for boy,” and that “there is never an excuse to hit — a woman.” And natural law will reward any among them who acts on such misandry and hypocrisy — with a long life swamped by the emotional disorders which they earned and deserve.

Moreover, evidence such as the story of Jovanna “Terrible Wife, Bad Mom” Bausch explains perfectly why, these days, so many betrayed, suicidal men develop what could be called “Bruce Jenner” syndrome — where a man aesthetically and legally (and often even chemically or surgically) renounces his male-ness, with hopes of being treated better by the woman-enabling, man-hating, family-hating snakes who infest our current society and its legal system — whose misanthropy compels them to as much injustice as they can muster.

Nevertheless, this too shall pass.

Oh, and to read the court case, CLICK HERE.

Thirteen useful facts about modern politics in and around the United States

(13) Did you know that Bill Gates has 100 billion dollars — in his 100 billion pockets!?

(12) Did you know that, although rappers are all obviously taller, tougher, and benevolenter than they are — Donald Trump does not have as many billions of dollars as he pretends to have?!

(11) Did you know that the value of money is unilaterally decreed by a satanic shadow government, whose front organization is the non-federal, reserve-less Federal Reserve?

(10) Did you know that, as of today, Jeff Bezos has, by far, the most Federal Reserve monopoly money?

(9) Did you know that smug, booksmart, predictable, docile, satanic pseudo-Jews are the preferred middlemen and accountants for the satanic shadow government, and thus many half-informed people — especially many smug booksmart, predictable, docile, half-informed satanic pseudo-Jews — believe that these satanic pseudo-Jewish figureheads actually lead the shadow government?

(8) Did you know that, in order to maintain cohesion and mind-control, many smug, booksmart, predictable, docile, half-informed, satanic pseudo-Jews initiate each other into their pseudo-Jewish cult by cutting up and sucking on the genitals of newborn pseudo-Jewish boys, in a ritual called “Metzitzah B’peh” — which is Hebrew for “Satan is God”?

(7) Did you know that Bill Gates and most other tech-leaders forbid their happy, healthy children from addicting themselves to screens?

(6) Did you know that caffeinated sugar-water does not line the cupboards in the homes of the healthy, happy members of Coca Cola’s board of directors?

(5) Did you know that, prior to joining the United States Congress and advocating fiercely for the extermination of poor people’s children — Nancand Pelosi chose not to murder her five children?

(4) Did you know that in 1865, the United States shadow government chose to create a huge war — for reasons other than the benefit of their slaves’ black slaves?

(3) Did you know that in 1965, the United States shadow government infested and destabilized their white slaves with the presence of their black slaves — for reasons other than to benefit the black slaves?

(2) Did you know that, as I write this, the United States shadow government is infesting and destabilizing its white slaves and black slaves, with the presence of a myriad slaves from around the world — for reasons other than to benefit the myriad?

(1) Did you know that this, too, shall pass?

When journalist whores celebrated the beating of Janay Palmer Rice

Janay Palmer Rice, wife of former NFL running back Ray Rice, must have done something extremely annoying to cause Ray to hit her in an elevator back in 2014. Ray’s retribution against his then-fiance’s likely nagging went viral when whores with a Journalism platform humiliated and defamed Janay in order to nibble crumbs of attention and money with their pitiful, soulless coworkers.

Pretending to advocate for victims of domestic violence, countless media outlets conspired together, spreading a TMZ video throughout the nation and world, without a single care of the effect it would have on Janay — not satisfied simply to provide the footage to the police, so that Ray’s typical-nigger-violence would be punished while not ruining Janay’s chance to marry a superstar.

Thereafter, Janay’s income potential — significantly tied to Ray’s football salary — was permanently destroyed, which added injury to injury for the 5’8″ couple and their two ugly nigger children, about whom the media vultures could not care less.

Janay had it all: A short, angry black man whose aggression had been all but completely channeled into a blossoming career in concussion-collecting at Bang-Head NFL. But that all had to end because the media cannibals needed a human-sacrifice for their news cycle.

Ray was white-listed by the blinding white hypocrisy of every single person connected to the media circus. As a result, no Bang-Head teams were willing to risk the cultural cost that would accrue to them if they were to contribute to Janay’s standard of living by employing her husband for more Bang-Head.

It was not even enough for Ray to promise that he would give all his 2016 Bang-Head salary to women-only domestic-violence prevention programs if he were employed: Everyone’s was done stepping on Janay’s family — so it was time, they all agreed, for them to step over Janay’s family.

So no Bang-Head team would employ Janay’s short, angry nigger husband. Instead, most of Janay’s 2016 income came from media interviews where she was brow-beaten by white devils and nigger oreos for not destroying the lives of her children by divorce: Janay was constantly criticized for rejecting her social duty to validate society’s hatred of families (especially black families), by shirking her responsibility to divorce her children’s father and estrange them from him. Instead, Janay foolishly chose to teach her nigger children about the importance of forgiveness and family. What a bitch.

One piece of silver lining came by the fact that no woman-only domestic violence shelters received any money; which is a good thing, since woman-only domestic violence shelters — with their singular, sexist criterion for entry — readily and regularly let in violent bisexual women and lesbians who are tracking down the women whom they terrorize.

In case you don’t know: statistically, lesbians are the second-most sexually criminal demographic in the country — right after the first-most sexually criminal demographic: heterosexual women who prey on underage boys.

I know, I know: “Television never told me that!”

…and yet it moves.

Adult BBQs in the modern era

Last week, I attended a birthday party with my friend-with-benefits and what fell out of her nine months after she and I were involved in Adult Situations in early 2015.

The invitation said that the event was a two-year anniversary celebration of what had fallen out of our friend, after she and her friend-with-benefits were involved in Adult Situations.

The invitation also said that there would be a “BBQ for Adults.”

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