The fake charisma of black pets


Anthony “Prettier than a fat Mexican” Joshua posing in the shower to encourage erections for the homosexual white men who bankroll Joshua’s cock-fights.

Leading up to the title fight, Andy Ruiz was 33-0, with 1 win robbed from him in New Zealand, in a decision so biased that New Zealand Professional Boxing Association President Lance Revill resigned. This, after 29-year-old Ruiz’s amateur career of 105-5.

But like Thomas Jefferson supposed of black people generally: Anthony Joshua was brave from a want of forethought, which prevented him from accurately seeing danger until it was upon him.

“If I lose to that fat Mexican, you’re never going to see me again,” laughed silly, mediocre, narcissistic peacock Anthony Joshua in an interview (5:28) leading up to his fight with Fat Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr.

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Black addiction to cultural appropriation (RE Halle Bailey as Little Mermaid in live action)

Halle Bailey without makeup (left) and transformed into ''Ariel'' the Little Mermaid

Halle “Sexy African Frog” Bailey without makeup (left) and transformed into ”Ariel” the Little Mermaid

In a society where black people strategize like white people dance, and finding a pretty black girl is like finding a curvy white girl — in an era where the pitiful placation of a small selection of hand-picked black pets punctuates the slow, steady mass-murder of a significant proportion of black people, hypocrisy immense and calculated is commonplace.

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Michael Jordan as a cultural icon

Everyone who grew up in the 90’s and played basketball wanted to be like Mike. Well, I finally made the 90’s wannabes’ pilgrimage to the shrine of gambling-addict and slavery-profiteer Michael “Air” Jordan — the best-marketed celebrity in history (even better marketed than Hulk “at least marry a rich nigger” Hogan).

And yet, even with all his bougie white-trash “success,” His Airness could not prevent his own father from being bullet-lynched and dumped in a Carolina swamp.

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Case Brief: Obergefell v. Hodges

In 2015, the Supreme Court undertake the case Obergefell v. Hodges 576 U. S. ____, adjudicating whether the act of ejaculating semen into a vaginal canal for the purpose of “being fruitful and multiplying,” see Gen. 1:28, is, as a matter of law, equivalent to the act of ejaculating semen into a man’s rectal cavity for the purpose variously of sadism, masochism, rage, frustration, depression — or intentionally carrying out a prior agreement that an AIDS-infected “gift giver” will transmit his AIDS to an AIDS-seeking “bug chaser.” See Grov C and Parsons JT, Bug chasing and gift giving: The potential for HIV transmission among barebackers on the internet (NCBI 2006).

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Death-cult Romance Novel: Hijacked white girl featured by boring brown woman at hijacked university

Marty Shapiro feels young again, rubbing up against homeless 15-year-old Arielle metzger (Florida 2011)

Objective met: Marty Shapiro feels young again, rubbing his body up against fresh-faced homeless 15-year-old Arielle Metzger (Florida 2011).

In 2011, CBS News presented tacky social-porn which they called Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars, which featured cute 15-year-old Arielle metzger, and, as texture, her irrelevant father and younger brother.

A month later, a retired Jew leveraged the pittance he had collected in his life to lure the homeless Floridian family to his beach house, probably hoping to have sex with the Arielle. Studies indicate that he likely settled for peeping on her constantly, groping her a few times, and stealing her underwear to masturbate to the scent of her vagina.

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