Mein Kampf of Octoroon Hitler (Trickle-down Civil Rights of black-hating semi-whites)

Once upon a time, a wealthy seven-eighths white guy (aka an octoroon) hated blacks. His name was Homer Adolph “Octoroon Hitler” Plessy. And Octoroon Hitler avoided blacks whenever possible. But sometimes evil white people racistly refused to help Octoroon Hitler avoid black people. They said Octoroon Hitler “was not white enough” to deserve avoiding blacks.

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Mein omni-trans kampf: Heroic black female quadriplegic child speaks on coming out

As a quadriplegic black woman with white skin, a penis, and an able body, who identifies as a same-age-loving trans-8-year-old: I know firsthand what it is like to be different. I know the pervasiveness of bigotry, and the importance of intersectionality for helping the world advance to the next phase of human evolution.
But transphobia is real, and it is tearing apart love, happiness, and the climate.

Nevertheless, I know that I am a hero. And as a hero, I know that it is my responsibility to use my brave voice to speak out, for those who are not as courageous and strong as me.
Therefore, following are some examples of the hatred that I have experienced as an omni-trans, and how I heroically overcame the haters.
Racist transphobes hate me because I am not cisracial-identifying. Some have even suggested that I am not allowed to say the nigger-word — “because,” they say, “you’re not really black.” Whatever that means. Every time they tell me, “Nah — you are white…dumbass,” or simply yell out “hey, white person!” — I relive what it felt like for my nigger ancestors who were lynched simply for raping and murdering white women.
Sexist transphobes hate me because I am not cisgender-identifying. Some transexclusionary radical feminists have even hatefully schlong-shamed me: asking me to leave the gossip-drenched misandrist pity-parties I was attending as a feminist fighting for our womanly right to do whatever we want, with impunity. They said that I “had the weapon of the enemy between my legs.” So I broke those bitches eyesockets — Fallon Fox style.
Ableist transphobes hate me because I am not cisability-identifying. Just because my arms and legs function does not mean I am not disabled: ability and function have nothing to do with each other. Next, these ableist transphobes will be saying Barack Obama cannot joke that he bowls like a retard, because he does not qualify as black since his white mom’s vagina did not satisfy his black dad enough to prevent him from beating her and then abandoning his mongrel spawn.
Ageist transphobia is what hurts my trans-soul most of all. As all fully-human beings know: you cannot help who you love. Ted Buddy knew you can’t help who you love, when he made love to all those trans-willing women. John Wayne Gacy knew you can’t help who you love, when he had trans-consensual sex with all those boys. And Ed Kemper knew you can’t help who you love, as he expressed his love to his mother’s decapitated corpse.
You can’t help who you love. And yet I type this as a political prisoner in a jail cell on death row, because the bigoted cavemen who make the laws in this country refuse to acknowlege that age is a social-construct. They refuse to accept the obvious fact that since I identify as an 8-year-old, my same-age-sexuality is acceptable. Worse: they claim that I killed and dismembered all those 8-year-olds against their will — even though I have written proof that each child had signed its consent, in blood, with the finger I severed from it with bolt-cutters.

I wish I had thought to identify as Roman Polanski.

Fortunately, since I identify as Jewish, before my execution, the state has authorized my final meal to be mutilated baby penis. So thank trans-god for Metzitzah B’peh!

Defense of Kanye West (aka criticism of those who criticize Kanye)

I am no fan of Kanye West. At all. I don’t think he is a “musical genius” — or even tolerable. But all the leftist scapegoating of Kanye is hot garbage. And the only thing worse than the leftist scapegoating of Kanye — is the right pretending to be an alternative to the left in the matter. Both terrorist organizations — the Republicans and the Democrats — see the Kanyes of the world as absolutely nothing beyond a chocolate mascot.

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The Second Worldwide Flood: Digital Slot-machines as Dopamine Syringes for Slaves Addicted to Panic

“Aesop was a liar: fast and frantic wins the race!,” laughed the engineer, as he tightened down the mental harness.

Calm, constructive intelligence of the human mind: this alone had separated man from woman — and them from beasts.

But panic channeled that intelligence into jittery survival instincts — shrinking the panickers’ field of vision, literal and figurative: reducing calm, constructive intelligence by a standard deviation, which rendered the panickers’ responses more beastly, more predictable — more manageable by the inducer of panic.

Functionally speaking: panic prevented functional thinking beyond the immediate, worrisome moment.

To induce panic was to control thought. To infuse, into that induction, a tiered system of panic-reduction — loaned, day to day, to those beasts deemed sufficiently docile — was to be a politician.

And the most mind-dominating politicians of that era were the hoards of engineers who created, stocked, and stalked the digital slot-machines: the dopamine syringes that kept the generation of slavish veal in a constant state of miserably pleasure-addicted, self-selected panic: the second worldwide flood.

Anti-freedom gun-confiscation advocates are not “anti-gun”

This fourth of July, a meme is floating around which reads:

“If you’re anti-gun, you don’t get to celebrate the 4th of July. You never would have fought back. Enjoy pride month, pussy.”

Trololol indeed. But to be fair: nearly no one involved in the current 2nd amendment debate is “anti-gun” — least of all those frantically pro-gun puppets who advocate for the government to use its guns to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens, in order to make the citizens defenseless and docile. They are variously frauds, hypocrites, idiots, and masochists — but they are certainly not “anti-gun.”

Black mother Marshae Jones’s “It”: Another dead black baby — another victory for USA’s pro-murder death-cult

Nothing is more important than reducing the number of people in the world — especially the number of black children — according to USA’s pro-murder death-cult (UPMDC). And so UPMDC scored a huge victory in Alabama when a bullet tore apart Marshae Jones’s unborn child in the womb.[1]

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