Military veteran review of “Wrong side of Heaven” (video) by Five Finger Death Punch

The video:

The review:

As a military veteran, I can guarantee: the last thing that any veteran needs is the kind of veteran-worshiping political porn in this music video (and throughout pop-culture). To say the least: military recruiters, to lurch towards unrealistic recruitment quotas, readily recruit completely incompetent people—including women who are downright stunningly incompetent. These incompetent service members break easier than legitimate soldiers. For example, women physically break easier than men: their bones are not as dense. That is a matter of biology.

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Kim Davis meets Jesus

One day in Kentucky, Kim Davis was passing out marriage licenses to normal people. Along came two sodomites, who were addicted to mimicking procreation with each other’s rectum. Davis, firm in her faith in a fag-hating God, declared, “I am the law!,” and told the sodomites to leave.

In that same moment, Jesus appeared before them all. Every knee bowed, and every tongue confessed to God. Davis proudly ran up to Jesus and said, “Hey, dude! I just kicked out those faggots! Pretty cool, right?” Jesus turned and saw the sodomites, then looked back at Davis. “Whose seal is on that marriage license,” Jesus asked her. Davis replied: “Lord, it is the seal of the state of Kentucky.” Jesus took the marriage license from Davis and told her: “Render unto Kentucky that which is Kentucky’s.” Jesus handed Kentucky’s marriage license to the two self-destructive, God-hating sodomites, whose breath smelled of feces and semen. Then Jesus turned back to Davis and said, “God forth—and sin no more.”

Lincolns vs. Leons (1989)

In 1988, cops in Broward County, Florida, found a couple pounds of cocaine on a Greyhound bus. The cops took the powdered cocaine to a police lab—and cooked it into crack.
(The cops had decided against using the cocaine to entrap rich people in Broward county, who used expensive powdered cocaine recreationally. Instead, the cops’ goal—in manufacturing the cocaine into crack—was to make the cocaine more useful for entrapping poor people who were addicted to crack.)

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Micro-managing children is abuse: Destructive central-planning of another’s mind and life

Nearly everyone agrees that neglecting a child is abuse (though opinions vary on when a “hands-off” approach tips into neglect). But plenty people welcome a certain kind of neglect, many even insisting upon it: the abuse of neglecting to provide a child with space to think.

The worst abusers of this kind hurry past passive neglect, and actively prevent a child’s space to think: forever rushing the kid from one cultural carnival to another—desperate to prove, to losers, that the child is not a loser.

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Marxist Richard Wolff vs The Rich Capitalists

Richard Wolff: “The richest families have billion of dollars of wealth in their pockets! Come on, fellow communists—let’s go pickpocket them!”

*get to the richest people, whose pockets are empty*

Richard Wolff and his credulous followers: “WTF!?”

The Rich Capitalists: “Hi Richard. If you weren’t addicted to talking in circles to captive-audiences, you’d tell them that wealth on our level doesn’t mean cash in pocket like it does to the covetous people who accept your propaganda. We only have wealth to the extent that our massive systems of cooperative creation, distribution, and consumption benefit others.”

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If rapper TI wants to control his daughters body—then he/ve/xe/xyr needs to do it legally

Reporters at The Young Turks (“TYT”), the New York Times (“NYT”), and elsewhere have officially condemned Rapper TI’s sexist parental overreach. In a series of open shits smeared throughout the internet, the news outlets reminded: “WE ARE THE LAW. Your role as a parent is to make money for your children—then shut up as we train them how to spend it.” Specifically, TYT, NYT, and others have condemned TI for keeping track of his man-faced daughter’s health, after TI admitted to having doctors check his man-faced daughter’s hymen throughout her younger years, when she was less unattractive.

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People v. Stewart, 1965: How anti-cop hysteria and ex post facto judicial activism betrayed a dead woman—and freed her murderer

All the evidence and witnesses pointed to Roy Allen Stewart. But when Stewart confessed to beating and robbing all those women, one of whom died—the police broke the law. This was the opinion of the Supreme Court of California in the 1965 court case People v. Stewart (62 Cal. 2d 571). The court declared that the interrogation of Stewart in 1963 was illegal—because the police failed to tell Stewart that he had a constitutional right no to admit that he had beaten and robbed women, and killed a woman.

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