Myths of pious prisoners, reality of a mendacious military

Thrust into a confusing, frightening, loud world–many simply go along to get along, by any means necessary. Key to this is entertaining the myths of a pious prison-population, and ignoring the mendacity of military mercenaries. Pious prisoners Myths of pious prisoners provide no less than two powerful social-sedatives: Even if limp, lackadaisical, hate-filled citizens see […]

Harvard nerd-shames boring, insensitive, uncreative, wimpy, servile Asians

“Even though Asians score highest on academics and extracurricular activities, Harvard gave them the lowest possible score on personal traits such as humor, sensitivity, creativity, grit and leadership.” -Some soulless boring ching-chong who was rewarded with a white wife for normalizing torture alongside Bill Clinton in Texas-face, nerding it up for the LA times–pretending, among […]

Mothers’ Breasts vs Bitches’ Titties

Citizens often enough accept when government routinely regulates commerce; and a sure way for such a government to regulate its citizens more stringently is to classify citizens, in whole or part, as commercial commodities. Slaves and military personnel are among the clearest examples of the whole citizen being classified as a commodity; moreover, a mother […]

War obscured by bread, circuses, & ‘pardons’ aka crime subsidies

Kim Kardashian’s moral superiority–born of the fleeting fame that the failed daughter begged into being by licensing the viewing of various (exceedingly boring) events wherein she rented her scarred body and mind to various black celebrity narcissists, which reinforced legions of black follower fools’ faith in staying the course of their meager, manic misery–positions Kardashian […]

Political kung fu vs the hyper-pedantry of hypocrites

Logic often unnerves both weak-minded hypocrites and liars generally; hence their common reticence, indeed recalcitrance, even to describe their views unto an audience that is the least bit skeptical. Moreover, battle-lines drawn ever sharper by various manic social governors require ever quicker adherence by their beasts of social-burden, thus ever less thought thereon. Hence cultural […]

The mandated liberty to be manic

“Idle hands,” said the white, colorless soulless death-cult, “are the devil’s playground,” warning against the sin of introspection. Consequently the catty cattle came to see, too late, that their Vain Vapid Rapid virtue was really rather a VVR vaccine — to inoculate against potential and to retard priorities.