Racist Milwaukee Police Chief cosigns violent ball-bouncing black criminal

Recently, racist political Police Chief Alfonso Morales threw a few blue-collar cops under the social and political bus, after NBA slave Sterling Brown, a ball-bouncing black criminal celebrity, physically assaulted and battered an officer who was conducting public duties in good faith. Thereafter, media whores, of the Washington Post and elsewhere, libeled the Milwaukee officers […]

”Only niggers can say ‘nigger’!!” –Kendrick Lamar

In an eternal attempt to seem like more than short weak unintelligent frauds, countless fragile cowardly black racists beg for attention–by any means necessary. Days ago, 5’6″ frail millionaire black punk house-slave Kendrick Lamar invited, onto his stage, some white girl named Delaney who is stupid enough to be Lamar’s fan. Spoiler alert: Lamar has […]

Gay suicide

“We will protected you from words and thoughts, if you pledge, to us, your sterility and docility–and pledge, to our social opponents, an unceasing, unthinking rage,” the death-cult dangled to miserable rootless runts. And so the social-rejects, it was then declared, had a ‘gay gene’ or were ‘trans’–thus deserving constant coddling, condescension and limit-less pretended […]

Perils of inter-ethnic fetishism

One need only to heed an aging military veteran: “At first, I thought it was adorable that my young pinoy bride talked like a duck–now I know that my aging pinoy wife also thinks like a duck: ‘Food! Food! Fun! Fun! OOPS!…I pooped in your water’.” Ethnic fetishism is not enough. And an unloved mongrel […]

Dear Black People (Legacy of crackhead Marion Barry–and his stupid, credulous, racist black supporters)

Examples in the USA of stunning black stupidity, credulity, racism, antisemitism, lack of integrity–and, above all, blind faith in the Democrat Plantation–certainly didn’t begin with the 1994 landslide D.C. mayoral reelection of degenerate misogynistic crackhead Marion Barry over his perfectly viable opponent, Carol Schwartz. “She a Jew! Dey be exploiting us mah g! And she […]