Trump vows to bring diversity and inclusion to the NBA by 2020

"You can take a whole lot of small sticks, and break them one-by-one," explained U.S. President Donald Trump at his New Black Deal address last Thursday to the congressional black cock us, and the National Association for the Advancement of Eating Chicken. "But if those same sticks are bound together," orange man continued: "then they … Continue reading Trump vows to bring diversity and inclusion to the NBA by 2020

Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome (SFTU 2285) Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome is a living-death of countless women. A woman or girl whose sense-of-self is destroyed may become self-hating ontologically: hating who she is. Destroyed further, she may develop sociological self-hating, for example in the form of 'penis-envy', where she hates her natural role as a female human. And if the woman or … Continue reading Toxic Pseudo-Masculinity Syndrome (SFTU 2285)

Disposable japs and USA’s morality-gap

"OMG! A racist white girl said something! Quick call da Al Sharpton!" -The more than fifteen thousand Japanese people who died in an Earthquake and Tsunami that was likely caused by the white racism--and so the media rightly focus on the cause (white racism, as always) and not the effect (thousands of dead Japanese).   ...not … Continue reading Disposable japs and USA’s morality-gap

Santa Claus societies: the myth of egalitarianism

A nominal attention-span and an exceptional interest in systems provide, to a disinterested observer of the world, an ability to perceive easily the fuzzy logic of those with a fetish for IQ tests and socially constructed, soul-destructive gender-norms. "Most engineers are males. Why? Because men are more interested in things, and women are more interested … Continue reading Santa Claus societies: the myth of egalitarianism