Sometimes slovenly mudsharks spawn slavery-advocating mulatto mascots, e.g. Nike’s Colin Kaepernick

“Studies indicate that the only black men who overestimate the socio-sexual value of manifestly mediocre white women — are black men with an inferiority-complex” -science. Despite science, mudsharks typically tend to pretend bragging rights for being dumb enough to succumb to the frantic, spreadshot desperation of black men who are too weak to earn the […]

STEM explosions swallowed by natural neo-Luddism implosion

Neurotic, adderall-addled petite-bourgeois merchants, each peddling their proprietary wheel in the socialist gauntlets of imaginary and manufactured scarcity, suspend their manic campaigns of begging women into STEM assembly cages — for war-games or otherwise — whenever the scaliest cynics can simply scale back liberty to meet the morbid needs of one or another throbbing bureaucracy […]

Humble wisdom of some short, shy, simplistic, bald, glib, glutted anti-Christian named Herbert

BREAKING NEWS: Some short, bald simplistic millionaire celebrity has an opinion! These days, an angsty and aged, Ohio-raised raconteur named Herbert grumbles all of his lectures about inferior life from his Arizona vineyard with his hot Asian wife — just like everyone else. Herbert’s most recent recitations are a series of blithe, condescending equi-vocational screeds […]

The big, long blink

In a time when so much truth had become sedition, ubiquitous digital-drugs masked permanent delay as perpetual immediacy, for controllers to train addicts in adjusting aims to accord with whatever seedless bread and silicone circus best seasoned the beasts for the feasts of the cultural-cannibal elites. “Life passes by in the blink of an eye,” […]

The overall superiority of negro slaves

The following is distilled from Thomas Jefferson’s “notes on the state of Virginia,” as well as the parts of the Emancipation Proclamation that no one reads. Since the time of the oldest recorded Kemetic scholar, Hotep Jefferson, slave-masters have been knowing the industrial superiority of the negro, who is entirely preferable to any other slave, […]

Just Do It!

“Just Do It!” -Psychiatrist pastors of the APA corporate clergy, admonishing parents of the slave-class, and their children’s “teachers” (aka indoctrinational minders) to poison and torture children into docility. “Just Do It!” -The tone of cops towards the black people whom the cops feel at liberty to treat as due facto slaves, while dueling Republacrats […]

Vice of the petty poor

Constricting vice plagues the minds of the politically-placated and perennially-petty poor; clamping down on already-limited potential; animating, among the nobly indignant indigents, an especially awkward addiction: that of derisively dismissing everyone’s burdens and battles but their own — even while decrying a dearth of pity from the very same people whom the blithely bellicose bums […]