Top 9 Lessons learned from the life of Jeffrey Epstein

Today, the honest and accurate mainstream media are all reporting the jailhouse “suicide” of lone-wolf Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire atheist Jew who made a fortune by providing child-sex slaves to other rich, powerful atheist Jews. Following are the top 9 lesson learned from the life of child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

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Affirmative Consent: Yet more ABA corruption

“It is important to consider the totality of the behavior of both a defendant and a victim in the context of all the circumstances.”

—The American Bar Association (ABA), commission on domestic and sexual violence, criminal justice section, civil rights and social justice section, report to the house of delegates, resolution 114, page 5 (recommending so-called “affirmative consent” as the legal standard for adjudication of an allegation of rape — whereby a man, if accused, must somehow prove he is not a rapist) (submitted by Mark I. Schickman, i.e. some fat old Jewish lawyer who almost certainly has never had exciting sex in his entire life; and Lucian Dervan, i.e. some word-out, cynical supposed-expert on plea bargaining, who impossibly cannot recognize the massive amounts of plea-bargained false-accusations of rape that would certainly occur if society were to adopt the foolish, misandrist, unconstitutional standard of “affrimative consent”).

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How to be a Nazi, according to anti-Nazis

“Alright! We’re Nazis, and it’s time for our Final Solution! So let’s take these millions of people and sort them all out.

“First let’s sort all the homosexuals, pedophiles, and rapists — and give them all pink triangles.

“Then let’s take the Jehovah’s Witnesses and give them all purple triangles.

“Then let’s take the foreigners and immigrants — and give them all blue triangles.

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Heroic white, man-hating lesbian cop attacks dangerous black man for possibly stealing food (RE: Shannon Diedrich vs Julius Haddison-Fondanui Tasha)

In early August, 2019, a black man named Julius Haddison-Fondanui Tasha was possibly stealing food at a gas station in St. Paul, Minnesota. But thankfully an overpaid, off-duty, man-hating, lesbian she-cop, Shannon Diedrich, was carefully monitoring the dark, dangerous black man’s every dark, dangerous move.

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Racist, anti-white myths as scholarship (RE: “What were the causes of the Sharpeville Massacre?” by Ashley Kannan)

Following is an analysis of an anti-truth synopsis of the 1960’s “Sharpville Massacre” in South Africa. The synopsis is excerpted from the article, “What were the causes of the Sharpeville Massacre?,” authored by anti-truth activist Ashley Kannan, a middle school teacher in Illinois; yet the article well reflects the general tone and quality of the mainstream myths regarding apartheid South Africa generally, and the so-called Sharpville Massacre specifically.

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