Two major benefits of Overdiagnosis (of autism & otherwise) as a control-tactic for manly moms, feminine fathers, and the CDC pawns of government’s Big Pharma tyrants

There exist no less than two immensely powerful benefits of overdiagnosis as a tactic for anti-health, anti-life traitorous tyrants. The most topical benefit is obvious: pathologizing as much normalcy as possible allows for selective-diagnosing (i.e. selective enforcement) against only political opponents (and undesirables generally). This selective enforcement, even if it does not destroy the target outright, will stymie them significantly; which makes Overdiagnosis a very viable sociopolitical weapon (with the only serious defensive consideration being to create enough failsafes for oneself so as to prevent the Overdiagnosis stone from rolling back on oneself).

The secondary benefit of Overdiagnosis as a tactic for wretches and tyrants is less topical: the prevention of accurate assessment and action, by the equivocation of research data.

The calm, well-meaning, sadistic, anti-truth maniacs at the Centers for Disease Control

Tucked away among the pittance of truth in the quagmire of misleading CDC propaganda is the following statement:

“The [2003] study does not find a link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism in Denmark and Sweden, where autism rates continue to increase although thimerosal was removed from vaccines in 1992.”

Setting aside that the absence of evidence is hardly ever evidence of absence (and that this is all the more true in the culture of intimidation, fear, and falsity fostered by the CDC, wherein only the naïve would dutifully suppose due diligence on the part of those curated researchers who tell Big Pharma’s CDC pawns what they want to hear and smear throughout a poisoned citizenry);

and setting aside also that whatever sub-poison replaced thimerosal in the sacrament of Pharmacologism could be even more brain-damaging than thimerosal;

another possibility exists: the researchers controlled for not enough of the myriad strains of “autism” invented by those who invent diagnoses to control others.

Spectre of the autism “spectrum”

It is obvious that wretches and tyrants immensely overdiagnose “autism.” The Scarlett Letter of “autism” is a pseudoscientific buzzword for tyrantsplaining everything from “disobedience disorders” decreed against gaslit sons by manly moms and feminine fathers, to a stand-in for various forms of brain-damage, including those brought by the mental-starvation currently inflicted onto countless children via the Pop-cultures® of Zionist vultures.

Thus the second benefit of Overdiagnosis: by pathologizing as much normalcy as possible, tyrants reserve the reaction of diligently researching only those elements and sections of the Overdiagnosis which relate neither causally, nor even by correlation, to the phenomenon which they pretend to study; then they can equivocate the conclusion—deceitfully conflating all elements and sub-sections of the Overdiagnosis:

“We removed, from our unnecessary and ineffective* poisons, (one of) the brain-damaging ingredients (while possibly replacing it with an equally brain-damaging ingredient); and although our unnecessary and ineffective poisons no longer contain (that) brain-damaging ingredient—still ‘autism’ is on the rise.”

Ok, but which “autism” persists and is increasing? Is it the behavioral “autism,” which evil governments abuse bad parents into imposing against good, neglected children? Or is it the biological “autism” that serves the CDC pawns of Big Pharma gangsters as convenient newspeak to mask the brain-damage caused by various poisonous “medicines” forced onto healthy people under the guise of “prevention”?

*Post Script

Among the many anti-vax points made in 2017 at an address to the West Virginia Senate Education Committee by Doctor Suzanne Humphries, a physician and as much of an expert on the terrors of vaccines as there can be about a topic so shrouded in governmental (i.e. CDC) conspiracy: Humphries noted that vaccines often, though effective at destroying brains and bodies, are yet ineffective at destroying the very diseases for which they (supposedly) are variously intended. (However, again, vaccines have been proven quite effective in combatting the “disease” which government tyrants and their Big Pharma gangsters fear foremost: the health and life of undesirables.)

OmniEase (layout for Multiling O keyboard on android)

By the way: I write most of my blogs not on a desktop computer, but rather on my cellphone (Samsung S7).

I enjoy the ability to build upon ideas by working with text—but I cannot stand the inefficiency and strain of using standard layouts (on desktops or phones). Indeed, I find that toiling with such setups impedes my thought-process.

Because of this, I created my own keyboard layout for my phone, one that, after much practice, is exceedingly faster and more comfortable…and I don’t have to look at the keyboard—at all—while typing!

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Sexy Islam-ninja ilhan omar waits for make-up sex with her Zioinist overlords


BREAKING NEWS: High ranking Zionist Congresskikes decry crazy ole Ilhan Omar, and her crazy anti-Zionist anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Last week, Muslim U.S. CongressSomali Ilhan Omar, the first frumpy Islamic ninja to look somewhat fuckable, felt the wrath of the Zionists who control the U.S. Congress and, through it, United States foreign policy; because almost-fuckable-Omar mentioned Zionists’ stranglehold on the United States Congress, including AIPAC’s stranglehold on United States foreign policy.

In a response to Omar that would read as unreasonable in a science-fiction novel, several high-powered Zionist Congresskikes immediately flooded the Zionist-controlled media with hit-pieces about how hateful it was that Omar had pointed out reality—calling her manifestly factual statements “groundless” and “antisemitic.”

Within days, slithering members of the traitorous %2 of the U.S. population that may not be named—were able to extract a confessional retraction out of sexy frumpy-ninja Ilhan Omar, who, in 2018, won election to her Somali-infested Minnesota congressional district easily, through the fame she received for her #1 hit song “I got my bro’s dick in my mouth! Feeling like a 6-year-old, and my bro is the prophet,” where she pokes fun at herself for committing immigration-fraud, while joking about how her prophet was a child-raping psychopath.

Wars against his privacy and her modesty

Millennia ago, patriarchs created laws against rape. These unprecedented laws provided girls and women, as well as boys and men, a level of autonomy and self-determination that was unimaginable before then:

women and girls were relatively freed from shrunken lives lived in cages of constant fear;

while countless men and boys were mentally unchained from shackles of mediocrity—of needing only to overpower a frail and frightened female in order to secure a mate for as long as he could sequester it from other, more dominant men.

In the same era, patriarchs nobly introduced the institution of marriage, establishing a process by which the men in society mutually agreed not to rape, enslave, or otherwise terrorize one another’s wives.

These examples of manly chivalry ushered in, for women, a golden-age of comfort and safety.

However, eventually new men in a mechanically accelerated blink of history—figuring the benefits of slavery and autocracy, yet failing to admit the costs—cast the world into a age of lead and rust; where heavy hands forged heavy crowns, centralizing the authority of violence, and ending sexual normalcy for many generations.

In this bright and blinding age of pale and sickly rage, many men neutered themselves chemically or surgically—while having been terrorized into pretending such neutering was meant to secure their own “autonomy” and “safety.”

Moreover, many women, similarly slovenly, submitted to the social-slavery of sterilization, penis-envy, and even complicity in the murder of their own children—while having been terrorized into cloaking such submission under various startlingly mind-numbing euphemisms, including “choice” and “health” and even “empowerment.”

Furthermore, many men and their women were sociopolitically tempted into the genetic-noose of homosexualism and other cowardly distractions, as coping-mechanisms to avoid the anxiety of participating bravely at the frantic pace, and within the soulless framework, set by a transitory series of delusional traitors to nature, who insisted on breaking themselves against the reality which they were so vainly certain that they could break.

Then the dust settled, and the world continued.

70 Year ago (hollow holocaust illogic: holocaust reparations are due) SFTU 619

70 years ago, millions were murdered during the holocausts of world war 2. Holocaust reparations are due.

So Russia should give Cuba to China, because 70 years ago–Japanese killed millions of Chinese civilians.

And, likewise: England should give Palestine to Jews, because 70 years ago Germans killed millions of Jewish civilians.

All hail holocaust illogic, where a first people takes the land of a second people, and gives it to a third people for the crimes of a fourth people.

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YouTube headquarters shooter? LOL (catharsis of watching tyrants walk the plank in their eye)

“Iran is not sending their best—they’re not sending you and you. They’re sending people who have a lot of problems: they’re murderers; they’re PETA members; and some, I assume, are good people,” said Google CEO Jewseph Zionstein at a press conference today, reacting to the unarmed she-shooter who protested with warning-shots outside of YouTube headquarters, in what experts are saying is a case of YouTube being heavy-handed tyrants who brought it on themselves.

As someone robbed of money and memories by YouTube’s anti-reality tyranny, I would enjoy being a fly on one of the walls as they fall down around the tyrants.

Once upon a time, some scraggly ineffective Persian girl shot up Google’s YouTube headquarters, after being stepped on and over by the petty minders who thought-patrol for YouTube.

Since the terrorist attacked like a girl—Nasim Aghdam was able to kill only herself—YouTube quickly resumed business-as-usual.

Still, lurking in the digital shadows as arbiters of news, Google had to choose how to balance mention of their karma.

After all, they could just go the standard direction—flooding the attention of the nation and the world with suffering that they decide to prioritize, especially to use the occasion to echo the marked traitors who cause and conflate crises as an excuse to advocate for rescinding the U.S. Constitution by disarming law-abiding citizens.

But trumpeting a case of violent resistance that occurred so close to them would risk putting a laser-focus on themselves for copycats — few if any of whom would be as ineffective as the Persian she-assassin who managed to kill only herself.

Instead, the story was relatively buried, which of course runs the risk of people noticing how dismissed it is—almost as if everyone involved just respawned elsewhere and continued on.

Meanwhile, sophists warning of a technocratic doomsday continue to play along with Google et al., about the omnipotence of Google et al., even as the pawns and puppets of Google et al. will spend the rest of their lives in constant fear of inevitable, impending reactions to their feeble, transitory tyranny.

White “racists” vs black rapists (Liam Neeson vs Eldridge Cleaver)

Once upon a time, Liam Neeson’s white friend was savagely raped by a nigger.

Pardon. To rephrase: Once upon a time, Liam Neeson’s friend was savagely raped by a charismatic, badass, big-dick, athletic, articulate, morally superior black gentleman.

Upon hearing the news, Neesom was upset, which is a racist microaggression.

The racist then resolved to walk the streets of Niggerville at night, hoping to be attacked by charismatic, badass, big-dick, athletic, articulate, morally superior black gentlemen who never do anything besides try to survive peacefully while faced with the relentless white racism that happens all the time, everywhere, and explains everything.

Neeson was never attacked. So, as a non-nigger with an IQ above retarded, he went home and acted human.

Years later, for the nigger-mind-porn of Zionist media, Neeson modeled the appropriate white-guilt about his prior evil: admitting, and apologizing for, the anger he had felt towards the charismatic, badass, big-dick, athletic, articulate, morally superior black gentleman who violently raped his white friend.

Meanwhile, in Knockoutville, more than zero niggers heroically get their lives back together by pulling an “Eldridge Cleaver,” where you’re a black-power hero for raping lots of white women, getting jailed for it, then writing Soul On Ice, where you talk about having no remorse for raping white women—saying it is your right, as a nigger, for what someone else did to someone else.