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An eye for an eye makes the whole world fear injustice

In this era of rampant and continual incitement, the muslim philosophical terrorist Reza Aslan (aka zan zalile pedar sag) deserves violence for advocating violence towards the heroic white anti-murder Covington teens; and Disney producer Jack Morrissey deserves to be thrown into a woodchipper for advocating the same for the teens.

Moreover, any and all who are victimized by the leftist climate of such incitement would be morally justified to hold responsible any of the many leftist amplifiers of such incitement, including (especially) journalists and politicians.

The corruption of our political atmoshere has far surpassed 1776. All bets are off.

Those who dig pits deserve to fall into the same pits, and any who insist otherwise are emboldening the pit-diggers, are anti-justice, and deserve to fall into the same pits.

Years ago, a cowardly racist hypocrite called Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Meanwhile, in the real world: An eye for an eye makes the whole world fear taking eyes—and makes them also fear telling lies that mislead others into taking eyes.

Great white sharks and little muddy remoras (Black Hebrew Israelites and Nathan “Fraudster” Phillips vs Covington Highschool heroes)


Recently, a politically drunk cowardly descendant of conquered former-conquerer savages, Nathan Phillips, invaded the space of, and banged drums in the face of, some teenage white heroes from Covington highschool, who had descended on Washington D.C. to politely demand an end to the mass-murder of unborn humans and niggers.

Moments earlier, and throughout the encounter, a half-dozen feral black frauds—calling themselves Black Hebrew Israelites and womanishly blaming all black problems on white people—had recorded a video of themselves taunting and mocking those white highschooler heroes who, along with their chaperones, had put their personal lives on hold to undertake a thousand-mile journey, from Kentucky to D.C., to protest against the government-sanctioned mass-murder of unborn white children and unborn black criminals.

Though having lived long enough to be considered adults, the feral blacks displayed the social intelligence of adolescents, and the strategic intelligence of toddlers.

Black Hebrew Israelites displayed the social intelligence of adolescents

Instead of speaking their own peace and letting others speak theirs, the mentally retarded and intellectually vain feral racist Black Hebrew Israelites shouted vapid racist stereotypes at their supposed foes — the anti-death protesters of Covington highschool — and chattered delusionally among themselves about how they were black “lions” whom their white “incest baby” enemies, though having far greater numbers, would not dare to attack.

Black Hebrew Israelites displayed the strategic intelligence of toddlers

Meanwhile, the white Catholic teen heroes had travelled hundreds of miles not to easily overwhelm and enslave a half-dozen cowardly delusional racist Black Hebrew Israelites—but rather, the teens made the trip to protest against the government-sanctioned mass-murder of unborn children and niggers.

Still, the cowardly feral racist Black Hebrew Israelites displayed the strategic intelligence of toddlers—failing to recognize the shared cause of stopping the mass-murder of nigger children (which would be the extent of the cowardly feral racist Black Hebrew Israelites’ cause, though the superior plot of the noble non-blacks was to end the murder of all unborn children—regardless whether the children are the color of poop).

History is told by the winning sharks. Still, sometimes loser remoras cling to the underside of sharks, like fleas on a dog’s scrotum.

Civil war myths

United States Civil War history tells of a Confederacy that loved slavery and hated blacks, and a Union that loved blacks and hated slavery. Meanwhile, the Union was the home of plenty slave holders—actual and de facto—including thousands of black slave owners.

Clinging to the winning sharks of this false history are such loser remoras as those who create laughable mythologies of select Union mascots, for example Harriet Tubman—who, legend has it, heroically threatened to murder any blacks in her company if they dared to give up and return to their plantation, during the brave slave voyages from the hate-filled hell of the confederacy—with its huge investments and involvement in slavery—to the majestic utopia of Union terrority—with its huge investments and involvement in slavery.

20th century U.S. myths

United States 20th century history tells of evil Republicans who hated blacks and loved the segregation of public schools and services, and righteous Democrats who favored integration.

Clinging to the winning sharks of this false history are such loser remoras as those who create laughable mythologies of select Democrat mascots, for example misogynist plagiarist Michael King (better known by the name he appropriated from German culture: Martin Luther), who advocated “nonviolence” towards the superior white men against whom violent black men stood no chance—as Michael stored up his violence to unleash it, instead, against the black women whom Michael King beat while cheating on his wife, including on the night before karma caught up with the little feckless fraud.

Teams of the ongoing civil war in the United States

Countless stories like this exist as the fabric of the United States: weak, hypocritical double-talking anti-white pawns, clinging like remoras onto the great white sharks of culture.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are just more mascots and pawns of white elites—in this case, sicked onto the white opponents of the white elites’ ongoing policy of murdering millions of unborn nigglets: “Not on our watch,” said the cowardly poltically retarded Black Hebrew Israelite niggers. “This is not about saving black children—it’s about us getting attention and validating our fragile apish egos.”

Thus, the Black Hebrew Israelites, along with pitiful savage fraud Nathan Phillips, reminded all those paying even a bit of attention: the civil war continues—and the teams are not at all color-coded, regardless that so many of white leftists’ disposable pawns are people of poop color.

Twilight of the establishment terrorists and tyrants

Internal tyranny and external terrorism are all-encompassing—for the tyrannized and terrorized; yet also for the tyrants and terrorists, whose costly, inefficient, frantic facade requires, to endure, both furor and fraud—constantly.

Thus, understandable is the incessant reliance, by tyrants and terrorists, on outmoded tactics; such as when political terrorists in the United States on a “nigger” or a smile to make the case that their opponents are “racist” and evil, thus deserving of the incitement which they will, in any case, suffer; or when the political terrorists of the anti-Jewish atheist-terrorist State of occupied Palestine scatter propagandists throughout the world, to keep life-like and warm the corroded carcass of myriad myths which autistically dismisses every criticism against terroristic pseudo-Jews as “antisemitic.”

Previously, such limp and lazy tactics served; since such terroristic pseudo-Jews, as well as their enablers and co-conspirators, respectively and collectively held quite solid monopolies on public discourse, at least in certain swaths of the world, by thorough curating of information.

However, with the racist antisemitic unpatriotic proliferation of racist antisemitic unpatriotic technology, and thus the proliferation of racist antisemitic unpatriotic information, those tyrants and terrorists, again incessantly reliant on outmoded modes, must as always bolster and mask their weak arguments (e.g. their claims to moral superiority) with strong terms (e.g. “racist” and “antisemitism” and “unpatriotic“), even as these “powerful” terms exponentially lose their force, when continually exposed, by the proliferation of knowledge about “racism” and “antisemitism” and “sedition“, as nothing more than hypocritical political propaganda.

Anti-fascism and the importance of murdering ex-Muslims

“The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim,” said the insane, evil, islamaphobic people who should be caged for their hate-speech.

“The only good ex-Muslim is a dead ex-Muslim,” said every single Muslim who knows and follows the rules of Islam.

Last week, the sane and freedom-loving heroes of anti-fascist “antifa,” the Democrat frontline of the current civil war in the USA, officially welcomed, into their peaceful ranks, two more segments of society.

According to a cohesive and reasonable speech calmly given by an antifa spokesthem who goes by the name of “Caitlyn Jenner’s testicles were racist anyways,” antifa has welcomed, as members, “two of the most oppressed subcultures in Amerikkka”:

(1) Jews who cut up baby dicks, suck the mutilated baby dicks, transmit herpes to the children thereby killing the children, then are stereotyped and shamed by intolerant antisemites;
(2) Muslims who work tirelessly in the shadows to find and murder, in accordance with Islamic law, those apostates who turn their back on the truth of Allah that was revealed by Allah’s final prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him in Muslim heaven, and his 72 extremely flexible toddler brides, none of whom has a gag reflex).

In other news, the Progressive FBI reports that white Christians have officially become the most criminal demographic in the USA. The report came only days after the FBI announced that it is now a crime to be Christian or white.

Four powers: physical, mental, chronological, social

Power: an ability to do.

Physical Power, aka force

Force is the ability to change physical properties—to adjust physical matter to one’s personal will.

Mental Power, aka intelligence

Intelligence is an ability to measure abstractly (e.g. to understand similarities, differences, risks, costs, benefits, probabilities).

Chronological power, aka time

Time is the measure of one’s ability to participate in doing—narrowly, as free time; or widely, as lifespan.

Social power, aka charisma

Charisma is an ability to compel, especially against being compelled; an ability to navigate social wants, needs, hopes, expectations, or preferences (perceived through intelligence) quickly and effectively enough to earn social short-cuts, bypassing a need for other powers—whether positively, as persuasion (including, for example, begging and charming); else negatively, as politics (including, for example, intimidation and the repelling of intimidation; terrorism and the repelling of terrorism).

Power: actual and potential

Everyone has some actual amount of each power, as well as a potential amount of each power; and barters, among others, one form of power for another.

Paradise through mutilating and murdering children

When women’s rights activist Countess Elizabeth Bathory was murdering children to bathe in their blood as a way to stay pretty—she may have been centuries ahead of the curve, according to feminist scientists at the United States National Institute of Applied Cannibalism.

It is an established sassy fact that millions of children should be murdered, because their slaughtered carcasses can provide replacement parts for discerning members of society’s death-cult: 6 ways stem cells are leading to medicinal miracles.

Similarly progressive scientists have discovered a comparable utility in mutilating babies’s genitals: Kate Beckinsale Brags About Getting ‘Foreskin Facial’ Made From Korean Infants.

So whether you’re a diseased Jew looking to cut up and suck a baby’s dick, or a too-busy mom looking to murder her child then sell its carcass to cannibalistic flesh-wizards, or just a millionaire actress wanting to super-charge your life with magic potions made from mutilated baby genitals or dismembered albino limbs—the science of our utopia has a paradise for everyone.

In other news, two rich white liars have an opinion about each other; and self-hating Jew Harvey Weinstein is currently on trial for allegedly begging a woman watch him masturbate into a shrub.