The plight of Obsessive, Compulsive Therapists (OCT)

If you are a florist, and not attentive to detail, then you are a bad florist.

If you are a soldier, and not attentive to detail, then you are a dead soldier.

If you are a parent, and not attentive to detail, then you are a neglectful parent.

Yet when you are “too” attention to detail — certain frauds will pretend that you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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How to torture women with the myth of equality

Anti-father, anti-family misogyny underpins all gender equality myths, destroying the potential of countless a woman — torturing her away from being healthy and happy in her natural circumstance: subordinate to a man.

No one really believes the myth of equality. Imagine a woman immersed in the pretended success of equality: The man whom her looks and charms has attracted is her complete equal — in height, strength, courage, finances, and status.

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REAL MEN reward women & girls for pornography, rape, and murder! (RE: Culture with Kat Timpf: 16-Year-Old Girl Shouldn’t Face Child-Porn Charges)

My motto is: “If she’s old enough to operate a video camera, then she’s old enough to bypass child-pornography laws, because rules are for boys and men.” That is why I support whiny, big-tit, man-faced child-pornographer advocate and almost-passible male-to-female transsexual Kat Timpf, xer terrible body-language, and xer belief that rules do not apply to 16-year-old girls who distribute child-pornography in Maryland.

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Victimization of rapists and  female contract-killers

As any properly delusional deadbeat-mom enabler knows: women are blameless, because women are powerless — and women are powerful, so women deserve rights. Thus women are both too weak and stupid, and too mighty and divine, to woman-up and follow society’s laws against murder.

Similarly, rapists are too delicate and majestic to follow rules — so we should never pretend that we could ever “legislate morality” against those with the sexual orientation of rapist.

Corporate Crack: Why capitalist taskmasters love the caffeine industry (and hate marijuana)

Imagine a “white supremacist nation” that built its laws around punishing hard-working, obedient blacks — and rewarding lazy, disobedient whites. Now, set aside that cartoon world, and it should be obvious why race-neutral capitalist taskmasters love caffeine-addicts — and hate potheads.

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As solipsists evolve into cannibals

As a vice for so much practiced and rewarded vanity of self-importance, the era of downward spiral landed with a generation plagued by an addiction to predicting reactions. This poetic justice: the natural consequence of self-importance.

And the rage of that consequence culminated in the birth of a generation blessed with a curse for their predecessors: complete apathy towards those whose vain self-importance had addicted them to vanity.