Hip-hop mourns the suicide of violence-advocating, kid-raping nigger Tech 9

“Only the good die you,” declared Billy Joel in his famous song about violence-advocating, kid-raping niggers. Last week in Philadelphia, Joel’s song proved true again, when violence-advocating, kid-raping nigger Akeem “Tech 9” Mickens killed himself only hours before white crakkkas devils were about to rape-shame the heroic nigger in court.

“Fucking children against their will is every nigger’s civil right!,” reminded the ghost of Eldridge Cleaver in an interview with BET through a Ouija board last week. Cleaver famously wrote the book Soul on Ice (1968), an auto-biography about how he was justified in raping white women as slavery reparations.

“Das rite!,” agreed the ghost of Marion Barry, the former two-time mayor of Washington D.C., who was reelected in a landslide after being jailed for smoking crack-cocaine with prostitutes while he was mayor.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Congressional Nigger Caucus reported that a candle light vigil will be held next week in honor of Tech 9’s memory, featuring the raping of nigger children, and the terrorizing of those nigger children’s family when they “snitch” about the rape—just as Tech 9, Clayton Lockett, and supporters of Ferguson’s gentle-giant Mike Brown would have wanted it.

RIP Nipsey “violent, racist nigger” Hussle

The media Jews’ charismatic lie-addicted nigger poo-pets are on full alert, demanding that Laura Ingraham be fire because she dared to disrespect the legacy of some dead nigger.

According to plenty, Ermias Joseph Asghedom (aka Nipsey Hussle) “was a rapper, community activist, father, and innovator.” Plenty even pretend “we need more people like him.”

Meanwhile, some of Asghedom’s most popular lyrical poetry was released just a year before his well-deserved 2019 death, in his album Victory Lap (2018), which contained, among other genius, the tracks Real Big, Keyz 2 The City 2, and Right Hand To God.

Unfortunately, in this day and age of haters and closet KKKers, there are people who will just hate on Nipsey with their hateful hate, and say things like, “Last year, in Real Big, when Nipsey Hussle said, ‘Fucking young bitches while they folks home, never trust white people, real shit, real shit, I know all my real niggers feel this, fucking young bitches while they folks home,’—well, I did not think that was genius.”

But those haters are just hating yo! After all: racism, the degrading of women, and sewer-talk is all VERY cool and VERY “real.”

Also, in Key 2 the City 2, many have argued that Hussle’s word’s should be added to Psalms, especially when he said, “A nigger don’t need a seatbelt, a nigger don’t need a seatbelt, shit can get real, fuck around and get your ass robbed, nigger fuck around and tell you shit, should’ve never been around the killers, in my town we the fucking realest.”

And finally, in Right hand to God, Nipsey swore about god and women: “I put my right hand to God, shine on these broads, all these fucking niggers flawed, suckas and frauds, first I pick up my bitch and we shut down the mall, with all these tattoos on my face, people looking like, “Hey! black nigger stay in your place,” but it’s some shit they gonna think, and it’s some shit they gonna say, I have a large quantity of cocaine.”

Degrading god and women in the first line!? Is there anything this genius nigger cannot do!? And I think we can all agree that the most important problem in the world right now is how people are all prejudice against violence-glamorizing, self-worshiping cocaine-dealers.

So in the end, it is impossible to know how bad things happen to such good people. I mean he did everything right: he degraded god, degraded women, glamorized drugs and violence, blamed white people randomly—what more can one man do!?

So RIP Nipsey “violent, racist nigger” Hussle—you up in heaven with black Jesus and the rest of the violence-advocating racist niggers who spent their life bragging about lies.

And anyone who thinks that violent niggers who meditate with Hussle’s violent, racist, misogynistic poetry are all over comment sections in popular nigger-media, inciting violence against Laura Ingraham—anyone who thinks that must be a crazy, racist, KKK member. Because Zionist media exists to inform, so if a bunch of violent niggers were talking openly about murdering white people who offend them—the Zionist-controlled media would certainly report on it. After all, it’s not like the Zionist media is just constantly running laughable propaganda to distract from USA’s terrorism on behalf of the atheist pseudo-Jews who currently occupy Palestine.

Oh, and this article took about 5 minutes to read. And statistically in the USA, every 5 minutes, about 8 nigger babies are murdered by the United States government, in “Planned Parenthood” slaughterhouses.

…but nah—the problem is that some old white lady had an opinion about some pitiful, racist, violence-advocating Eritrean nigger. Keep up the good work. Ya’ll da real MVPs.

Goodbye Pearl: the fun and fulfilling story of two guys murdering a woman

Wayne and Marty during highschool
Marty and Wayne during highschool

Once upon a time, Marty and Wayne were happy highschool guys in a small town. After highschool, Marty went out traveling, and Wayne stayed in the town and married Pearl. Soon, Pearl revealed herself to be a violent narcissist, and she began hitting Wayne, who then distanced himself from her.

Pearl began stalking Wayne, and one day attacked him—using a weapon and the element of surprise to compensate for her weak body. Wayne did not fight back, because he was taught that “there is never an excuse to hit—a woman.” And Pearl was similarly taught that there is never an excuse for her to be hit. So Pearl casually beat Wayne with her weapon, without any fear of him hitting her back in self-defense, until her weak arms got tired—then she left.

Goodbye Pearl
Pearl’s dead body, as it was found after two heroic men beat her to death for her misandry 

Marty visited Wayne in the hospital. There, they conspired to murder Pearl. They captured Pearl and beat her to death. The murder was fun and empowering, and Pearl deserved to die. The two men laughed and sung.


A few days later, two lady-cops with cotton crammed up their vaginas came looking for Pearl, trying to arrest her for attacking Wayne—because hurting innocent men is a hate crime under the Violence Against Men Act.

The two men were not suspected of murder because the she-cops knew that men are always victims, never villains. The short, weak almost-cops concluded their she-search for Pearl and, turning to the two lovely, talented men, said, “Thank you gentlemen, if you need sex from us, then let us know.”

Nobody missed Pearl, and the two guys opened up a shop, and lived happily ever after.

Well, hey hey hey
Ah, hey hey hey
Well, hey hey hey

-The gender-reverse version of “Goodbye Earl,” a song by three ugly old women called the Dixie Chicks.

Haitian family cultually enriched by USA’s satanic elites

“But mom,” wondered the young, poop-colored 10-year-old aloud in their native language, as she slowly squatted her hairless vagina down onto Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz’s tiny, half-hard Jew penis, “if niggas can’t even strike the root—then why even hack the branches?”

The mother, a Haitian brothel owner, motioned to the ten-year-old’s sister, a 6-year-old whose nose was being pinched closed by former U.S. president Bill Clinton as he fucked her mouth angrily while swearing about how unfair life was—that Barack Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize “just for being a fucking half-nigger” as Clinton put it.

“See how hard this white devil fucks this child’s mouth?”

“I see it, mama.”

As the two were talking in their muddy language, Bill Clinton pulled his erect penis out of the child’s trembling mouth, bent down and began biting on the young girl’s lips until they bled and the child screamed loudly, pulling away and reaching for her mom. But Bill Clinton pulled the 6-year-old back to him, pushed her again to her knees, and thrust his penis back into the child’s mouth, muffling the little one’s tearful cries.

“Tek it eesie, Bill. Don’ hurt da child too much,” she shouted—loudly but passively.

“Shut your nigger mouth, bitch! You’re lucky that my hero KKK Leader Robert Byrd isn’t here to hang all you niggers for no reason whatsoever!”

The mother had no idea what all those big words meant—her limited vocabulary having been built on various Hollywood mind-sewage that the USA inflicted on the rest of the world. So she turned back to her older daughter: “Do you realize how lucky she is?,” asked the young mother.

“Lucky for what? That one of these disgusting pink people has not poisoned her with AIDS—yet?” After the glorious Haitian revolution of 1804, when blacks chimped out and exterminated all their white providers, Haiti had rapidly deteriorated into a miserable, disease-ridden hell-on-earth, albeit black-run, “as hell would be,” whites often said, “but blacks probably could not even manage hell: with niggers’ IQ of semi-functional retardation—they would somehow manage to ruin even white God’s hell.”

“No, dummy!,” the mother snapped. She could be armless and legless in Africa—her limbs hacked off by Ugandan homosexuals and sold to witch-doctors for making those silly ‘magic potions’. Or worse, she could have ended up in the path of white devil’s war-machine for Israel—and be just another of the millions of children murdered for the psychopathic Socialist atheists who occupy Palestine.”

“Of course you’re right, mama,” the ten-year-old conceded, just as the psychopathic Socialist atheist under her began panting and muttering:

“Nothing that I do is ever good enough for mother!,” Dershowitz sobbed while pitifully wiggling his half-hard penis inside the child. “But at least I’m big enough to satisfy this little nigglet!”

After Alan Dershowitz finished his embarrassing, masochistic ritual, he pushed the child off of his sad, little Jew penis, and he ran back to Harvard to feel important again.

The tiny Haitian child then calmly squatted down and let Dershowitz’s tiny drip of ejaculate fall out of her and onto the dirt floor of the small hut made for the Haitian slaves by the Clinton Founation—each one of which the foundation received a million dollars to build.

Just then Hillary Clinton rushed in, red-faced. “Here you are, you nigger-loving freak!,” Hillary squalled ferociously.

“It’s not what you think, Bill pleaded, pulling his penis out of the 6-year-old’s mouth and punching the child in the face. “See?! I’m not sexually attracted to this ugly, little nigger—it was just cleaning my dick!”

“That’s what you always say!,” Hillary shrieked, drawing from a sheath on her hip, a long hunting knife etched with “I’m with her” on one side and “Believe Women” on the other. She rushed up to Bill, who rolled his eyes in anger, knowing what would come next.

With no resistance from Bill, his wife shoved him aside and began stabbing the 6-year-old Hatian girl in the throat. A mixture of blood, tears, and Bill’s pre-cum began dripping down the dying child’s neck.

“Hillary, knock it off, you crazy bitch—the little nigger is already dead!”

“Not as dead as you’ll be if you don’t stop cheating on me with these ugly, little nigger mouths!”

“You always say that, bitch!,” Bill laughed.

“Yeah, well this time I mean it!,” Hillary laughed, then sighed and chuckled, thinking about all the children she had murdered, as she wiped the newest victim’s blood off the blade—using the bright yellow dress that the child had received for her sixth birthday, the day before, from relatives who had saved together for months to afford it.

As the young Haitian mother and daughter held the gasping, dying child—the Clintons stepped out of the marine-guarded tent and onto their private plane, and headed to New York for election-night, hoping Hillary would be chosen by USA’s shadow-government as the United States figurehead for the terroristic, kike-centered foreign policy that would continue regardless which figurehead “won” the farcical election.

Masqueraded Humanitarianism as leftist social bait and liars’ mental balm

“Those who are most sensitive about ‘politically incorrect’ terminology are not the average black ghetto- dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any ‘oppressed’ group but come from privileged strata of society. Political correctness has its stronghold among university professors, who have secure employment with comfortable salaries, and the majority of whom are heterosexual white males from middle- to upper-middle-class families.” Kaczynski, Industrial society and its future 12 (1995).

“Many leftists have an intense identification with the problems of groups that have an image of being weak (women), defeated (American Indians), repellent (homosexuals) or otherwise inferior. The leftists themselves feel that these groups are inferior. They would never admit to themselves that they have such feelings, but it is precisely because they do see these groups as inferior that they identify with their problems. (We do not mean to suggest that women, Indians, etc. ARE inferior; we are only making a point about leftist psychology.)” Id. at 13.

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Mires and mirrors of the death-cult

Once upon a time, a nation was born of war and built on slavery. During that nation’s inception, a key grievance against its former lords was the “taxation without representation” inflicted injustice on the rulers of those colonies—that those rulers were being reduced, themselves, to the level of niggers.

(Similarly, a foundational grievance posited against Britain by noble heroic Indian genius freedom-fighter Gandhi was that Britain wanted to “reduce Indians to the level of the mere kaffir, i.e. nigger.” Essentially, Gandhi accepted that someone had to be the niggers of the world—but for Indians to be the niggers would be blasphemous.)

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