Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: dedicated to the extermination of black people

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 1

Kang: “You see, da fing of eet eez you crakkka devils: she chrow dat ass in a circle–cuz I be packing yo!”

Kween: “Das rite, pinky! Furthermore, if I throw it back, he might hurt me!”

Becky: “Wow! You are the original people! And we have much to learn from you!”

Margaret Sanger jr: “Yeah, definitely time for a little bit of ye olde ‘planned parenthood’…14 words.”

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2

Because, historically, nothing has been proven to be more safe and effective than white billionaires putting pills into the mouths of black children.

For more, check out the following video from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

Bill and Melinda Gates Urge Teens to ‘Get Involved’


The Jews who cried “Anti-semite!”

Two God-hating pseudo-Jews

Once upon a time, Jews accrued unparalleled power.

So much power did Jews accrue that among the highest crimes of the times was simply to state that Jews had power. More than untouchable: Jews, by their power, were downright unmentionable. Such was the power Jews had accrued, and the malevolence with which the obtuse Jews brewed bad faith–by their addiction to pride and pity.

Not every Jew, to be true–only the secular, id est atheistic, Anti-Jewish death-cult Zionists: Such Jews shewed psychopathy beyond the imagination of even the religious Jews who–although content to mutilate, molest, and murder jewish babies by Metzitzah B’peh, yet lent Kike-cred to the God-hating pseudo-Jewswhose reputation impressively somehow gave religious Jews an even worse name.

Once upon a time, Jews accrued unparalleled power…or so pretended various hook-nosed, self-loathing accountants, story-tellers, and middle-men: boring, unlikable, limp, suicidal–any but powerful.

Leftist clickbait culture of doomed perpetual mental-masturbation

''Your enemy did evil stuff with impunity'' -your leftist friend

Original post:

“Pope Francis Forgives HIV Positive Priest Who Raped 30 Children: A HIV positive Catholic priest who admitted to raping 30 girls between the ages of 5 and 10-years-old has been acquitted by Pope Francis. The priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo, was cleared of any wrong-doing and will not face criminal charges, despite the fact he knew he was infected with HIV when he raped the young girls.”

Now, optimized for maximum credulity, & containing just as much evidence:

“Pope Francis Forgives HIV Positive Priest who raped 6 billion unarmed Trayvon Martins & Jewish Jesuses: An HIV positive catholic priest faces no criminal charges after admitting to whatever would convince you to click this link to earn us one-billionth of a penny.”

A few things about the original propaganda:

  1. As always: these slithering leftist frauds pretend to believe their agendas, yet can never seem to find even a single piece of real evidence to support their claims–so they reflexively resort to imaginary nonsense, as tools to invite one another to their own meager plot in the mire of leftist echo-chamber enclaves purposed for perpetual, doomed mental-masturbation.
  2. This imaginary priest raped “girls“, since had the homo-advocating propagandists who invented this distraction asserted the trite, accurate “Priests rape boys” routine then that would complicate matters, because between the time of the first revelations about rapist-priests until now, homosexuality has become synonymous with heroism and justice–so calling the priest a raper of boys would just “shame” all child-rapists of the anti-gay (ie anti-happy) homosexual community: a pale petty pantheon, prized by progressive death-cults despite (rather, because of) its rampant rape, torture, suicide and murder–all of which “occurs in nature.”

Killer Mike cooning on the Expanded Plantation

Killer Mike, deep in thought

Three quotes from “conscious rapper” Killer Mike:

  1. “Da democrats iz racis! Why dey dint be mad at the white-on-black needle in da black-on-white haystack of interracial violence!?” -Killer Mike to NRATV, March 24, 2018 (Paraphrased)
  2. “Why iz you tryin to say mah name beez violent!? My name Killer Mike don’t mean Killer Mike: it mean ‘Kill a Mic’–like, you know, be good on a microphone. You white interviewers be RACIS!” -Killer Mike, Circa 2017 (Paraphrased)
  3. “I’ll pull this pistol and put it on your fucking baby. She clutched the pearls, said ‘I won’t give up shit!’ I put the pistol on that rich white lady, and I shot that bitch.” -Killer Mike, 2013.


Raised on the Expanded Plantation, mentally retarded black pets like Killer Mike and his fans are incapable of thinking rationally, so here’s a translation for them to understand the message of Killer Mike’s ‘art’:

“I’ll pull this pistol and put it on your fucking nigger baby. She clutched the pearls, said ‘I won’t give up shit!’ I put the pistol on that black lady, and I shot that nigger bitch.”

Apparently, all it takes to be a “conscious rapper” is to recommend that blacks pretend solidarity in order to organize (or at least mentally masturbate about) vengeance against anyone who looks like the tiny fraction of white slave-owners who dominated so many millions of weak, cowardly black slaves.

When fat, racist, cowardly loser Killer Mike dies of da diabetes–it will be a good thing.

Gaydar saves the day


Once upon a time, a man had a simple dream: He wanted to rape children–all day and all night.

The man dreamed of giving children The Bill Clinton Treatment: Beating, biting, and raping them–then having his wife belittle, badger, and beleaguer them when they sought justice.

The would-be rapist, though horribly heterosexual, wanted to follow in the fabulous footsteps of the countless heroic homosexuals who have raped children to death.

The man often fantasized about raping children while masturbating in his favorite way: Wrapping a Planned-Parenthood-Purchased fetus around his penis, and screaming, “I hate God! I hate Jesus! Nigger! Nigger! Nigger!”

The man was a heterosexual white republican child-rapist.

The heterosexual white republican child-rapist made a plan. He called up another of his kind, and proposed it: “We need to get married!,” he exclaimed to the other evil person. And the reply came as he’d predicted: “What in the HELL are you talking about!? You know that the only thing we hate more than women and niggers is fags!”

Unshaken, he proposed his plan further: “Listen! Of course I know we hate women, niggers and fags–we’re white republicans! But what if I told you that we could be the caricature that insane leftists pretend, while also getting married and pretending to be gay.”

“Well, I’d say you were crazy…but you got my attention. So why the hell would we want to be in a same-sex marriage!?”

“One word: In order to rape children as often as we want, whenever we want.”

“Well that was WAY more than one word…but the kid-seeking boner your words just caused me couldn’t care less how many words it was!…but still: What does any of that have to do with getting married and pretending to be queer?”

“Two words: Gay adoption.”

“Oh.My.White.Republican.GOD! Say no more!”

Without delay, the two heterosexual white republican child-rapists rushed to the nearest drive-thru marriage chapel, solemnly vowed–’til death do they part–to use each other’s rectum as a progressive womb. The heterosexual white republican child-rapist was one step closer–and only one step away–from realizing his dream of raping children whenever he wanted.

The next day, with their gay-love legal documentation in hand, the two under-cover heterosexual white republican child-rapists faced their last gauntlet: The adoption agency.

“This will never work!,” said the enlistee to the leader: “They’ll find us out! One of them will be gay and ask us why they’ve never seen us at a pro-child-murder rally! They’ll ask us why we don’t have ‘Always Vote Democrat’ tattooed across our foreheads. Or worse: One of them might have GAYDAR!”

Hearing those last words, the leader froze in mid-step. Fear washed over his face, his voice shaking: “Oh my white, nigger-hating God! I hadn’t thought of that!”

Indeed, the heterosexual white republican child-rapist failed to consider gaydar, since the only other obstacle they had faced, at the drive-thru chapel, had been a stupid white cisgender christian man. Sure the man had been a hypocrite–conducting the gay 10-minute ceremony only grudgingly for the two pretend homosexuals, saying that while he hated fags (and women and niggers), he was too greedy to turn down money for officiating the gay marriage of two gay lovers who felt uncontrollable gay love for each other. The man had been a hypocrite, but he obviously didn’t have gaydar.

The two heterosexual white republican child-rapists stepped into the adoption agency. Children played throughout the building. At the sight of so many beautiful, innocent, rapeable children–both heterosexual white republican child-rapists nearly passed out, when all the blood in their body rushed right into their heterosexual, republican erections. They approached one of the workers.

“Hi…uh…we’ve…me and my gay husband, I mean…we’ve entered into a legal contract, pledging to use each other’s rectum as a progressive womb,” the leader began…”THAT’S RIGHT!,” his accomplice interrupted–“We suck dick!” He winced. “And we signed one of those fag marriage papers–and that means we get to take home one of these tight, fuckable kids!”

Both heterosexual white republican child-rapists froze, waiting for what, in their heterosexual white republican child-rapist minds, was an eternity. “Hmmm…,” the worker looked them up and down. “Ok, I’ll get you two trustworthy, heroic homosexuals a child-menu,” the worker said.

Ecstatic, one heterosexual white republican child-rapist spun around to the other, relieved that the racist, sexist, homophobic God of heterosexual white republican child-rapists had answered their hateful prayers.

Soon they would both be balls-deep in a crying, dying child: They had agreed that one of them would build himself to orgasm with the small body of their adopted child, then–right at climax–cut the child’s throat, so that the torn hole would reflexivity tighten onto the heterosexual white republican child-rapist–and the heterosexual white republican child-rapist could stare lustfully and hatefully at the dying child’s face, as the baby’s eyes lost their life. They would then sell the carcass to Planned Parenthood’s fetus-junkyard, and return to the agency to take another child for the other heterosexual white republican child-rapist to defile likewise.

Celebrating the glorious news, the two heterosexual white republican child-rapists’ child-begging boners felt like they might explode.

But only their hopes exploded–and their celebration was short-lived: When the first heterosexual white republican child-rapist had turned to the second–he had exposed the non-meticulous hairline on his neck.

“OH MY POT-SMOKING, ABORTION-ADVOCATING, GAY-FRIENDLY GOD!,” the worker shrieked, drawing everyone’s attention: “You two are NOT trustworthy, heroic homosexuals respectably seeking to supplement your death-march of a life by vainly latching onto children whose normal (id est heterosexual) parents’ dutiful heterosexuality prevented them from accruing as many resources as would a lifeless, hopeless homosexual workaholic: You’re just a pair of heterosexual white republican child-rapists with a plot to blend in with all these healthy, normal, suicidal homosexuals who vainly hope to reclaim the sense-of-self they forever lost when they began indulging in homosexuality to mask their inability to delay gratification enough to be rewarded a member of the opposite sex by society. Get out of here, you sick cis psychopaths!”

Gaydar had saved the day–in a world where the vast majority of child-rapists are homosexual men, even as countless, mindless pawns fail to realize the insanity of their credulous reverence towards ‘gay’ men who have done nothing, in essence, other than make a claim that any heterosexual white republican child-rapist could easily make.

Looking vs Murdering (Child-pornography vs Abortion)

Child-murder advocate also looks at naked kids

“Prominent choice Ireland abortion activist convicted for child pornography!”

Id est:

“It’s worse than we thought: child-murder advocates sometimes look at naked kids!”
-some foolish person with ridiculous priorities

Ok, and Planned Parenthood–aka Prevented Parenthood–looks at the naked carcasses of children they murder, then sells the carcasses.

And USA’s military mercenaries look at the mangled corpses of children they decapitate with drones during their terroristic ‘anti’-terrorism.