Selective outrage towards violent crime in the death-cult

accused beaten murdered hebephile
Accused, beaten, murdered: Man allegedly talked to an 11-year-old online.

In an ongoing addiction to implosion, the death-cult rabidly routinely celebrates selective, curated instances of vigilante justice for violent crimes.

One such instance occurred a few years back when a man, accused of contacting an 11-year-old online, was reportedly beaten to death by the father of the alleged conversationalist’s “victim” in Brazil’s death-cult.

Countless in USA’s death-cult celebrated.

Weak pitiful she-lawyers Hillary Rodham (Clinton) thinking about how to blame children for being raped
Weak pitiful she-lawyer Hillary Rodham (Clinton) thinking about how to blame children (like Kathy Shelton) for being raped. Hillary would later terrorize women whom her husband beat, bit and raped.

“Studies indicate that the more corrupt privilege a woman receives, the more her pussy stinks.” -Science

In related news, Miley Cyrus cried when Hillary Clinton failed to she-win the US presidency in 2016, saying that, because of Clinton’s advocacy for women’s man-given privilege to murder unborn children, she “deserved” to be president.

Hillary Clinton rose to prestige and privilege after graduating from one of the top Law schools in the world: Yale. One of her first acts as a Yale-trained lawyer was to secure leniency for the 40-year-old who raped 12-year-old Kathy Shelton. Clinton tortured Shelton during the ‘legal’ process, accusing the 12-year-old of, among other things, exaggeration–after the child was hospitalized for internal wounds so serious they doomed her to a life of sterility, despite her desire to some day have children.

Several fans of Clinton sought, during the 2016 campaign, to diminish her accountability by claiming that, as a lawyer, she had no choice but to terrorize a child who had been brutally raped.

Weak, worthless, wanton women routinely receive such consideration, known to some as the Svengali Defense.

Insane, murderous mulatto Barack Hussein Obama trying in vain to live out his fantasy of being more than a rootless, unwanted mongrel with an identity-crisis, whose goofy little black dad abandoned him after beating his white mom.

“I am a pitiful, soulless half-breed.” -Barack Hussein Obama

In similar news, millionaire mulatto Barack Hussein Obama (and yes: it is a hate-crime to mention his middle-name) became the first US president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for exactly nothing but hype; he then murdered hundreds of children through ‘collateral damage’ from the drone strikes which he, as president, ordered.

Studies indicate that the victims and their families who suffered at the hands of Clinton and Obama would gladly beat them to death in a field in Brazil–regardless that the two are hailed as heroes by USA’s death-cult.

A couple insane losers who are popular among insane losers
A couple insane losers who are popular among insane losers.

Creeping AIDS pandemic as justice for the credulously malevolent

Creeping AIDS pandemic as justice
Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier (right) with his son who later died under unclear circumstances; Xavier was sought in the case and turned himself in. At left, Xavier, after losing his son then being charged based on ridiculous conjecture, was brutally beaten, stabbed and raped by as many as 20 inmates whom countless in the death-cult of Brazil hailed as heroic for acting on decidedly inconclusive evidence.

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” -Ghandi, who was racist.

Once upon a time, men who were raped in prison, contracted AIDS by the rape, and were released–did not spread AIDS to the generally population.

Once upon a time, the general population did not deserve such spreading, by their ignoring, downplaying, even mocking of prison-rape.

TRUMP PARDONS DYLANN ROOF! (How to make black murder news-worthy)

How to make black murder news-worthy

LIFE IN PRISON: Six leaders of Chicago’s Black Souls street gang have been sentenced to life in prison for a racketeering conspiracy that included several murders. #Meh.

“He only killed worthless niggers,” said the President.

Open letter to the students of Sherry F. Colbs: Jury Nullification vs Menstruating Legal Minstrils

“The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”
-An old saying

“The quickest way to destroy a culture is by codifying the hypocrisy of its short-sighted, tyrannical, penis-envying women”
-A timeless truth

When 14-year-old John Jay joined Columbia University in 1760 (then King’s College), he likely had already learned, even at that young age, that women are, with few if any exceptions, unfit for legal scholarship: A woman’s thirst for narrative instead of logic–often in spite of it; coupled with her manic vies for self-preservation: These prevent her from engaging in the kind of cool, collected, consistent, manly thinking requisite for sufficiently expansive consideration of complicated consequences as come by Law. Said similarly: Driven by fun and fear, often enough to the point of folly, she cannot, in the long-term, be trusted to trust logic, much less reason–far less justice.

This understanding about women would in no way have been some manic mantra for Manly Jay: It was simply obvious to him as he began his studies at Columbia, a school which refused entrance to dainty scatter-brained cotton-stopped liabilities for more than one hundred years hence.

A decade or so after Jay’s study at Columbia–which, at that time, forewent Women’s Studies, Lesbian Literature, and Gender and Sexuality Law–his manly mind led him to pen Federalist Paper two, wherein by his manly foresight he entreated caution unto his posterity against the Sherry F. Colbs of the world: “[Her] ambition aim[s] at objects which d[o] not correspond with the public good, [and she is] indefatigable in [her] efforts to persuade the people to reject the advice of [our manly,] patriotic Congress.”

Indeed, since the time of Manly Jay, a succession of manly congresses have all seen fit to permit proliferation of the judicial precedent set by Jay, among the opinion of many others, regarding Jury Nullification:

“[Juries have] a right to take upon [them]selves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy[:] . . . . both objects are lawfully, within [a jury’s] power of decision.” Georgia v. Brailsford, 3 U.S. 1 (1794).

Yet, again in the second Federalist, Manly Jay foresaw many messy Sherry F. Colbs, by whom, “[m]any … [are] deceived and deluded, [and yet still] the great majority of the people [will] reason[] and decide[] judiciously”–except, of course, countless easily corruptible women, as well as a certain demographic with like mental and moral ineptitude: The hordes of hurried heretical migrants, who, as perennial wards of the state, amount to credulous slaves, dangerous to true democracy.

Manly Jay served as the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of The United States, as second Governor of New York, as Secretary of State, as President of the Continental Congress; more than a century later, his political fears surfaced succinctly.

Long after Manly Jay amplified allegiance to a government by the people and for the people; his alma mater, Columbia University, provided pretend professorship to Sherry F. Colbs–a she-academic (id est pseudo-academic) if ever there was one.

She-Sherry, in her penis-envious mumblings which contravene much of the manly advice of John Jay, derides Jury Nullification as being “a step toward anarchy.” Moreover, she she-asserts, in her fem-anesthetized fervor, the following: “I do not regard nullification as a right, and I oppose the idea of telling jurors that they can nullify.”

This, in an article which also ominously, churlishly welcomes the practical application of Colb’s tyrannical mindset: “[I]t highlights the fact that jury nullification is not exactly permissible, even though it is a power that jurors have.” The “it” in that sentence is the conviction of a juror for Contempt Of Court for Obstruction of Justice–for informing jurors of their right to nullify.

She-Sherry goes on to illustrate what makes Jury Nullification good vs bad:

  1. Jury Nullification is good when it prevents prosecution of slavery-abolitionists.
  2. Jury Nullification is bad when it inflicts Due Process on a women’s infallible rape-accusation (regardless that false-rape accusations are rampant in the USA).

At this point, it would be easy simply to dismiss She-Sherry as the sexist, short-sighted, maniacal, menopausal, penis-envious lunatic that she is–but there is more.

With a moral wick as quick as her witlessness

Civil Rights activist Laura Kriho died at 52, after a life spent advocating for the freedom to get high in Colorado, and was hailed by her supporters as “instrumental” in the legalization of wasting one’s life through getting high. And she was aforementioned juror, terrorized by a corrupt man in a black rob–because she informed others of their rights.

A few months after Kriho’s death, She-Sherry misused a heroic moment of Kriho’s life in order to she-demonstrate the importance of accepting the tyranny imposed by judiciary from safe within their corrupt and cowardly monopoly.

Obviously cowards in Colorado deserve what they get when they assent to their State’s corrupt Rape Shield laws; but how could sexist She-Sherry side with Corrupt-Ken in his decision to defame Legal Laura–given that Sherry is a sexist political-whore?

Hard cases, and misandrists, make bad law

Simple: Sometimes child-less She-Sherry wears her family-theorist hat, as when she wrote “When Sex Counts: Making Babies and Making Law.” Other times, she is a Men’s Rights Activist–advocating for men who, after a life of emotional and social abuse, pledge allegiance to sterility and misery through transsexualism. Yet in any case, She-Sherry’s core principle remains the same: “I have more faith in lawmakers and the executive branch of government than I do in my lay peers.”

The living grave of feminist pawns

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”
-Some dumb, racist, sexist brown lady who now sits as a Justice on the most powerful court in the world.

Long before Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was saying the kind of dumb, empty, sexist, racist things that only a weak-minded brown woman could get away with; or talking of her love for salsa dancing–in vain, womanly attempts at likeable vanity and inanity; long after she edited the Yale Law Journal; we have Sherry F. Colbs: Her tight lips and self-righteous eyes reminiscent of Margaret Sanger, with whom she shares a laughable dearth of morality, yet also of sense.

But it is a selective lack of sense. Obviously, Colbs, as well as plenty women and she-males like her, will have the wherewithal to triumphantly declare that Columbia is not Cornell; so they can exhibit enough attention to detail–when they choose. Moreover, they will cling to the “sexist” language of “Manly Jay” and “She-Sherry” etc.

But this is all theatrics to disguise the fact that they have no sense of self–at all–only a sense of group-identity, venal and tiered. They are quintessential socialists–addicted to a dream of utopia where they are among the oligarchic arbiters. They love power, and so are among those least fit to wield it justly. They are the enemies of liberty.

The tendency of hypocrisy’s inevitable implosion to destroy complicit intended-beneficiaries

robbed of justice

“The tendency is for hypocrisy’s inevitable implosion to destroy its intended beneficiaries.”

The continuous manifestation of this fact should, by pure logic, compel would-be hypocrites to depart from such a path, choosing instead a way that, albeit conniving or even malevolent, yet avoids the failure which hypocrisy always brings. Nevertheless, examples mount of hypocrites giving themselves very good advice–to quit–while very seldom following it: Instead persisting to put their potential in a vice, by the respective else collective vices variously of desperation else cowardice generally and expedience else sloth generally.

Brief current and history of hypocrisy

Black Harvard students black graduate after lots of black study
Black Harvard students black graduate after lots of black study.

In this modern, progressive era, Harvard University is among many elite Historically White Colleges and Universities which hypocritically–indeed strategically, even manically–accept mediocre blacks as students, even as professors–only to end those blacks’ potential for pale excellence at institutions in which they’d’ve better fit; instead, Harvard condemns the coddled black to a life as so pseudo an intellectual as would be laughable if it weren’t so pitiful.

Yet setting aside such subtle examples–though they indeed be obvious, ongoing, and, by the hiring-habits of the black pets of white academicians, accelerating–still there are plenty accessible examples of hypocrisy readily destroying hapless hypocrites and their complicit would-be beneficiaries.

Suddenly producing a large white feather, she jabbed it into his waistcoat. And in another tone, fierce and scornful, she added: “You coward! Why don’t you enlist?”

4. Western women as untouchable war-mongering pawns. The hypocritical women of the White Feather Society used their men-given female-privilege to mock and scorn disempowered men who sought to opt out of war. Eventually when the First World War had murdered or maimed one-quarter of the eligible males in England–the penis-less war-mongering pawns celebrated their utopia by variously coasting down to a lonely death; ‘lowering their standards’ all the way to a willingness of accepting the companionship of a severely wounded veteran; and even erecting erection-less dyke-bars where lonely unloved bored boring women could congregate to fake-care, fake-cry, fake-laugh, and fake-fuck.

Blaire White and Ben Shapiro--two small weak guys bemoan the plight of small weak guys
Blaire White and Ben Shapiro: Two small weak guys bemoan the plight of small weak guys.

3. Sniveling, slithering Men Going Their Own Way. After countless opportunities to upend patriarchs who relegate women as social-pawns, countless cowardly hypocritical men sterilized their mind, might, libido, and life–in order to avoid the “gynocentrism” whereby patriarchs enlisted their caged women to cage men. The faggot frauds then feigned freedom, as they spent the rest of their pointless lives cobbling excuses for being modern-day self-caged eunuchs.


chinese woman slapping chinese man
Privileged Chinese girl slaps and taunts Chinese guy, as a futile Chinese elder looks on at the utopia which his cowardice helped to create.

2. Dowry of non-murdered Chinese girls. Chinese men, too weak else cowardly to dissent, effected, in their part, a nation hypocritically addicted to abortion as central to centralized planning–resulting in the mass-murder of millions upon millions of Chinese girls in the womb, which led to a spiked drop in available women, thus, by the supply-and-demand which affects even the most anti-capitalist of cultures, came the spikes in dowry for available women, which precluded millions of men from ever hoping to afford a wife–men who then simply coasted down to miserable, empty death.


american flag made in china
Empowered Chinese women often work in slave-conditions, within buildings whose perimeters are lined with ‘suicide-nets‘ placed by employers in hopes of forestalling the rampant self-murder among China’s empowered women.

1. Suicide of empowered Chinese girls. Chinese women, too weak else cowardly to dissent, effected, in their part, a nation hypocritically addicted to sublimation of slave women’s most fundamental creative potential–channeling femininity into credulous zeal for, else cowardly resignation to, a life of squandering potential for the propping up of countless, cheap props for western gluttons. Accordingly China, the hard-fought gender-neutral utopian slave-state, is one of only two or three areas in the entire world wherein the self-murder rate for women is not far lower than the self-murder rate for men. In fact, since all Chinese are equal but some are more equal than others–Chinese women have overtaken Chinese men, as to rates of self-murder.

0. The Immoral of the Story

Regardless of all this, hypocrisy will continue to enchant those credulous cowards who deserve its destruction–who limp through life as beggars at a cultural casino: Hoping to sneak by, by their malevolent docility–right up to the point when justly they die.

”Black women are too ugly to beat, bite, and rape” -Bill Clinton, USA’s first black president

black women are too ugly to rape -bill clinton

All of the house-slaves on the Expanded Plantation agreed with their democrat massa–that Bill Clinton was ‘USA’s first black president‘. Then they agreed with a mulatto named Barack Obama was a badass. Obama, who was raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii after his black father beat and abandoned his white mom, commanded his house-niggers to vote for Hillary Clinton, because she supports the extermination of black children through Murder Slanger‘s woman-empowering Prevented Parenthood.

All the obedient house-niggers did vote for Hillary Clinton, hoping that she would become the nation’s first black female president, just as her husband had been the first the first black male president. But the Roe Effect be racis yo! And statistics revealed a surprising downside to the mass-murder of black children in the womb (aka crime-prevention): There are less stupid black people who will buy into voting for a soulless white bitch like Hillary Clinton.

Another blow struck the Clinton camp, when activists for equality argued that her husband, former-president Bill Clinton, was prejudiced against black women: “We know Bill Clinton will beat, bite, and rape Mexican women!,” squalled the socialists, “And we know Bill Clinton will beat, bite, and rape white women! But he hasn’t beaten, bit, and raped any black women! DOES BILL CLINTON THINK BLACK WOMEN ARE TOO UGLY TO BEAT, BITE, AND RAPE!?”

On a whiter note: Bill Clinton did admire Martin Luther King Jr.’s skill at beating and raping black women.

Gossipy, feminine cowardly black men as house-slaves on the Expanded Plantation

Gossipy, feminine cowardly black men as house-slaves on the Expanded Plantation

“Lincoln didn’t free the slaves–he only expanded the plantation” -Reality

Black men who proceed from a personality of gossipy feminine cowardice are key to the survival of the Expanded Plantation–most especially when such black men learn to use their gossipy feminine cowardice as a way to ignore black elders, in obedience to the self-destruction taught to them by masters of the Expanded Plantation.

A key addiction of gossipy feminine cowardly black fools is to choose habits taught to them by anti-black white liberals–and the white liberals’ weak, greedy, traitorous black pets.

One habit which anti-black white liberals especially love to encourage for controlling gossipy feminine cowardly black men (and women)–is teaching them that it is within their right to manically micromanage white people for ‘microaggression’. Seemlessly, this micromanaging then extends to the way that gossipy feminine cowardly black men behave towards their black elders.

Following is a video where two gossipy feminine cowardly black men (Ty Barnett and Shang) micromanage the diction of a black elder (Jesse Lee Peterson), then check in with each other for validation–like weak, needy women–because they have been prevented from learning how to conduct themselves like men.

Gossipy feminine cowardly black men micromanaging the words of a black elder